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  Do you recall where you heard/read that?   Personally I don't really care whether the GPU is integrated or discrete -- it's not like it can be upgraded in a laptop anyway -- as long as it's capable of handling what a user is going to ask of it. If these are, and offer power savings to boot, hooray for Haswell.   In my case in particular, "what a user is going to ask of it" is probably more than what a web-browsing hobby photographer will require. Intel's reports of...
  Funny you should use that example. I've been looking into ways I could scale up an iPod to allow lightning-fast access to specific tracks. The OS X version of iTunes, combined with a conventional, full-size keyboard, work very well for that.   I'd then also like it to be small enough to be an iPod replacement, for watching movies and listening to music on the train. I don't actually have an iPod though, I have an iPhone, so whatever replaces it would have to be cellular...
  So? You couldn't dial standard pre-cordless desktop phones with one hande either. So what? Who even DOES that? Look at the pictures I posted -- all those people using their phones with TWO hands!   If one-handed use is such a big deal, get a Krzr.    
    I'm not sure how it's POSSIBLE to get your point. Your position is that a personal computer should have its form factor determined by a conventional telephone. Aside from being akin to basing automotive design on a horse and buggy, and not recognizing how such a form adversely affects some of the device's other functions, it completely ignores the fact that the telephone itself has taken dozens of forms over the years -- some large, some small, some wide, some narrow,...
  Sorry, I thought you were suggesting I might be a Samsung shill.
  Obviously I very much prefer OS X over Windows, but to be completely fair I have to admit that I actually found the underlying OS less of an issue in a "workstation" scenario than in my personal computing.   The part of the experience that faces the operator -- in my case Pro Tools -- is pretty similar whether using Windows or OS X, so you don't really notice much.   When the down time comes and the housekeeping begins, THEN you notice!
  You mean like this?               Nah, they're just doing what they've always done -- copy Apple.   I agree that colored icons matter. A lot. When Apple went to the current look, my work slowed down significantly. I don't know if it's a common human trait or if the "color-cued" set like me are a minority, but I suspect it's the former.
  Well, he's faster than speeding locomotive and is able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, so I'm sure he can handle this, too.   Oh wait, that's Superman...   Spend enough time around here and you start confusing the two.  
  Only to an amputee:                     Which part of these various screens are people unable to reach? I don't get it.
  I was absolutely NOT defending Samsung. Samsung obviously did a bad thing. That wasn't my point.   I WAS pointing out that it appears the story is becoming exaggerated through retelling, and that the reporting of it is either flawed or suspect.   If one is going to accuse another, one should have their facts straight. Trying to get at what really happened isn't the same as deflecting blame. If it was Apple being accused of wrongdoing we would expect that the facts of...
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