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  That would be great if everyone I know had an iDevice. As of today, using FaceTime as my only calling option I would be cut off from my daughter, my dad, both of the other guys in my department and ALL of the landlines at my place of employment. I couldn't make an appointment with the doctor or dentist, call the local shop to see if they have a part in stock, or reach 911 to report that I'm being murdered by a man with a chain saw.
  I can't stand holding a phone against the side of my head so I always use the earbuds with microphone that came with the phone. That renders the size of the device irrelevant for voice calling applications.       I'm even considering going back to carrying my phone on a belt clip. Let the kids laugh, it's more practical and convenient and I don't care what they think.
  You think? My reaction was "meh." Better, sure, but not a deal-breaker either way.   I haven't checked... have Illustrator and After Effects been updated with Retina compatibility? If not, that IS a deal-breaker, because if you wanna talk about "look crap," try a non-optimized app on a Retina display. Ick.
  Did I miss something? Weren't we talking about using Garageband? But even assuming we include other software (which you're right, makes much more sense), there's a helluvalot more to sound quality than sample rate and word length. The analog design of the interface itself would probably rank Number 1, then probably the processing algorithms and summing math of the software.   While I suspect, admittedly without investigating, that most multichannel stuff for an iPad...
Comment deleted because I came off sounding like a smartass again and I'm trying not to do that anymore.
  ...except possibly:   sound quality reduced complexity at the expense of increased difficulty lack of provision for monitor mixes severely limited I/O (try tracking the whole band at once, or even just a drum kit) imprecise editing clumsy mixing interface inability to conveniently integrate outboard no comping tools   ...but other than that, no reason not to. Except for the ones I didn't think of off the top of my head.   I can probably shoot and edit a movie with an...
I fully appreciate the benefits of Apple's "shed the old, embrace the new" approach to interface design, but in the case of a "pro" machine, I wonder if pushing everything outside the box is a good idea?   A lot of what we've traditionally relied on internal devices to accomplish can now be done with external units, but it's more hassle, more expensive, and in SOME cases, all but impossible (try finding an external solution that's equivalent to a top-of-the-line...
  Unless you want to use a GPU/Video card. Then they're not all that useful.
  Based on what I've seen in our plant, I think it matters MORE on a "pro" machine than a consumer model. As you know, certain industry-standard programs are Windows-only, and it's easier and more cost-effective for the designers/artists to switch operating systems on a single workstation than it is to either futz with screwy KVM setups or physically reposition to a separate machine.
  Wow. That's so insulting it would likely precipitate a physical response if delivered in person.   I don't happen to need that much storage myself, but I know a couple people who do, and another who simply prefers to not be bothered with having to constantly cycle content, choosing to simply load her entire library at once and be done with it. They are neither self-deluded nor weenies.   As for liking Apple, that is a characteristic reserved for the fanatical zealots....
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