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  I recently got a reminder that there's a newer version of DiVX and realized I haven't used it since... geez, I dunno, years ago. The reminder only triggered because I was playing something I downloaded from the web that was apparently DiVX encoded.   When h.264 came along I started trying it against the other compressors I was accustomed to using. Pretty soon I wasn't even bothering with anything else.
  "Compatible" is apparently open to interpretation. I can open Word documents sent by the suits back east, but the formatting is usually all over the place -- header on the first page with all the content on the next, blocks of text overlapping each other, weirdness like that. If that mattered to my work (thankfully it doesn't) I would probably install Office for Mac.
  I am absolutely not qualified to make relative market share predictions, but my utterly baseless reaction is that it seems kinda unlikely. We may well see Apple claw back some market share, but the zero vs. 2X scenario is so inconsistent with what's happening now that something really serious would have to change for that to play out.
  I think version numbers are absolutely essential. How else do you check compatibility before buying new software or hardware or updating existing software? If you've ever purchased a software update then discovered that it required an OS upgrade, and that OS required a hardware upgrade, you learn to read the system requirements first.
  There's a Nielson equivalent for tablet use? Cool! How do they attach the box to the device? 
  ...as opposed to IN SPITE of the screen size, like in my case. Although I bought an iPhone, I really really really really would have a liked a larger screen.
    So now we make no distinction between those who bought an Android device and those who want a bigger screen? WTF? That makes no sense whatsoever. I have an iPhone and use it extensively, but WISH it had a bigger screen. Wanna tell me how the heck you found a usage metric that tracks that?   It should also be obvious that the areas you mention apply to ALL Android devices, with no distinction made regarding screen size. For all you, I or anyone else knows, the owners...
  Huh? What are you talking about? I use my iPhone for everything short of peeing, and I want a bigger screen. So do lots of others like me.   If you mean only Android users want a larger screen you're wrong, but they WOULD be the only ones who can actually GET one.
  I'm not saying you're wrong, but I am questioning how you can make that assertion when data from behaviour- and purchase-tracking experts mostly indicate otherwise, and even they, with all their resources, can not reach consensus on percentage of marketshare, use patterns or buyer intentions.
  LOL!   I think you were in on the discussion in which I provided the details, so you know I'm not just Apple bashing. It's anyone's guess whether our experience is the result of bad luck, how we use (abuse?) our devices or an indication of relative tolerances, but the fact remains that we have not enjoyed the kind of reliability others report. Of course, that's only one of several considerations when evaluating overall satisfaction though, so I'm still happier using...
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