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  Sorry, I deviated there... I didn't mean to suggest that anyone was calling HIM a hater, I just sorta extended the train of thought to encompass the whole concept of what sometimes seems like beating down the naysayers around here. I should have kept it more about the point and less about the mental meandering...   Speaking of mental meandering... whoops, there I go again. Sorry!
  I understand your disagreement with his views, and share the opinion that her/his valuation methodology is... well, "inconsistent" with what others seem to prefer, but I don't understand how that's "trolling?"   Isn't "trolling" defined as posting things simply for the sake of provoking a reaction? Why do we automatically assume that everyone whose views differ from ours is a troll? Why can't we just accept that some people have different points of view? Isn't it...
    I have thoughts about the last two points.   Most reports of customer satisfaction showed Apple products leading the way, but some show satisfaction with services is actually declining.     http://appleinsider.com/articles/12/12/27/customers-say-apples-online-store-has-become-less-satisfying-to-shop   http://appleinsider.com/articles/12/02/02/quality_of_apples_industry_leading_tech_support_declines_in_2011     Of course, they're declining from "Beyond Measurement" to...
  I think a lot of people are misunderstanding what you were trying to do, just like I did.   It might help if you clarify that your issue is that AirPlay needs a dedicated receiving device (like an ATV or AirPort Express) whereas Allshare allows you to play from any device to any other other.
  How did you know that I have a Denon receiver?! :)   In our case, the receiver isn't connected to the router at all -- if it has any kind of LAN capability it's apparently not anything I felt compelled to use when I hooked it up -- so that particular device isn't contributing to any kind of network congestion, but I suppose something else could be. Maybe something somewhere on the network "checks in" for something and interrupts the AirPlay. That seems like a fault in...
  Do I use the what now?   In other words, no.
  What's the advantage of mp3 in your application?   I know there are all kinds of factors in addition to ultimate fidelity affecting most people's music storage preferences, but you might be interested to know that I accidentally disproved my own erroneous claims about mp3 vs. AAC sound quality in a comparison test.   At the time, Apple was selling tracks encoded at 128K. I set up a double-blind comparison to demonstrate how much better an mp3 encoded at 256K would...
    I would strongly urge you, and any other audiophiles you know, to sit in on a recording session sometime. Unless you're listening to Telarc or Deutsche Grammaphon, I think you may find that you are obsessing over minutia the artist and engineer did not.   The issue of data compression is a separate discussion, but I am curious what you expect to gain from a 192KHz recording that you don't get at 44.1?
  That's good news, because, as we all know, "long" equals "good." It's always better to make sure questionable scenes, lines and shots are left in, because even though they may drag down the pacing or distract from the primary plot line, they will make the movie longer, and, ipso facto, better.  
  Gotcha. Sorry, I was having trouble figuring out what you were doing. I misunderstood what Allshare is, thinking you were talking about an Android equivalent to AirPlay, and that you were trying to stream from the iPod to the HiFi with no other devices involved. I get it now.
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