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  Plus it's not just a technical issue -- cost becomes a factor. It's not that storage is expensive per se, but that one needs so MUCH of it, and in a form that can deliver 1.21 Shitloads of data per second.   It's not even just storage for post, either. Somehow all that material has to be acquired in the field. That's a helluvalotta coin tied up in SSDs.   Then one needs computers capable of playing and editing streams that enormous. If people think previewing effects...
  FINALLY. I can't believe how far behind they are on this project.
  I wasn't being critical. I'm saying if there are supply chain issues, it would be in spite of great expertise in that area, and likely due to factors other than Tim Cook's ability.
  In what way does wishing Apple would offer a larger screen size equate to one despising Apple? That is a seriously strange reaction.
  Apple's insistence on regimented support procedures have caused me inconvenience in the past (like being forced to lug a Mac Pro tower to a Genius Bar appointment for a failed optical drive), but today removed any lingering doubt I may have had about the quality of their support.   I called them about an Apple TV update problem. The guy knew about the issue, either from experience or documentation, and knew the fix. It involved updating over WiFi instead of hard wire....
  Who's anti-Apple? Not me. I'd be doing a damn poor job of it if I was, considering how much of their gear I have, and ipso facto, how much formerly-my money they have!   As for the humor, funny is in the bone of the beholder. Perhaps I was not able to tickle yours, but contrary to your assertion, the "intent" was there (despite me admittedly forgetting to add the obligatory "Bazinga!").
  ...which is not at all like ignoring the point that Apple touted the virtues of its choice of screen size for one-handed use and instead focussing on the incorrect application of the word "perfect."  
  Cool beans. Interesting stuff about cache writes. Thanks!
  Gotcha. Thanks!
  So how is it that an SSD will deliver files so fast I get them before I ask for them, but the storage on an iPhone can't even manage USB2 speeds? Aren't both using NAND?
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