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    Someday when you're feeling more jovial and less grumpy than you seem to be today, you're gonna look back at what I wrote and literally laugh out loud.   Or have you already forgotten yesterday's discussion wirh you and SolipsismX? Or, worse yet, do you just not get the satire?   Oh well, I tried.
  It hasn't been triggered yet. They wrote "Nazi," not "Hit...   Whoa, that was close!
  So, a big phone looks ridiculous and a headset looks ridiculous, so the only way to not look ridiculous is to hold a 4" or smaller phone to your head?   Or would I be okay if I hung a sign around my neck that says "SHUT UP! I'M ON THE PHONE!"
  "Moron" for buying a 19" portable computer or "moron" for using it on a plane?
  See the section highlighted in red. He said "something." That MIGHT be an updated Mac Pro, but it could mean an outboard Thunderbolt chassis for PCIe cards or a networking appliance for creating Mac Mini distributed processing farms or a MacBook SooperDooperPro or an iMac Pro or a Display with built-in graphics subsystem or a way to run OSX on an HP Z-series or a combination high-speed storage/graphics rendering device or just a nice party to thank all the professionals...
    Does this look ridiculous?         That's how I make phone calls.
  Damn, and I just threw away my Firewire AC adaptor. I could have given it to you!   I figured one could still use it for just charging an iPhone or USB-only iPod even if it couldn't carry data, but no.
  At the risk of sounding pedantic (and sticking my nose where it doesn't belong), I don't think that's what you guys like to call a "false concern troll." He said he's disappointed, not that he's afraid it's going to hurt Apple. He was honest.
  I know you've had this debate before, BUT: Cook said we'll see "something" in 2013 -- he didn't say what. In context it sure SEEMED like he meant a new Mac Pro, but we don't KNOW that until we actually see one. By the same reasoning, the fact remains that we can't say Kuo is wrong until we can show the existence of a Mac Pro in 2013. So far we can't. Fortunately there's still lots of 2013 left so there's still room to remain hopefully optimistic we'll get the chance to...
  The weird thing is that supply chain management was Tim Cook's greatest strength. I got the impression that nobody in the world could match his knack. That makes me wonder what's really going on? Making him CEO so he's not doing that stuff full-time-hands-on anymore? Jony Ive biting off more than the real world can chew? A butterfly flapping its wings in the Amazon?
New Posts  All Forums: