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  Why do you feel that's a good thing?   I can see some benefits to doing things differently:   Flagship 1: Destroyer class. Sleek, comparatively compact device for those who feel that how you use it matters more than size.   Flagship 2: Carrier class: Larger unit with controls that are less about quick input and more about immersive control.   They do it with computers -- Air for the light-and-compact set, Pro for the worker bee -- why not phones?   I'm not sure why an...
  What are you doing with your other hand that you can't use it for portable computing?     Oh, THAT'S what you're doing with your other hand. So the phone is for the 900-number chat line?
  You must not sync the amount of data I do. Never mind ten seconds, how about ten MINUTES? Moving 30-40GB over USB2 is not quick.   There are other potential benefits too, like multi-channel and/or multi-format input to and/or output from the device that would be impractical or impossible over an electrical connector with a limited number of pins. iOS devices may or may not yet be fast enough to take advantage of that, but if not I'm sure they soon will be.
  You'll also notice that I wasn't wrong.
  "Michael Bay movies have more explosions than a convention of epileptic suicide bombers."   "You have not adequately quantified the number of explosions likely to occur at said convention and thus your statement is invalid."   True, but not really the point, y'know? That's all I meant.
  Am I wrong? Did Apple NOT refer to the 3.5" screen as "the perfect size" for one-handed operation? I'm sure I remember that sentiment being expressed on Apple's web site, but obviously I can't call it up to check it since the relevant page no longer exists.   If I'm wrong and Apple didn't say that, just call me Emily LItella.
  Where YOU are. One can't generalize a similar experience everywhere else just because it works well in a specific area.   I'm not saying Maps is bad, just that the conclusion is flawed. It's reasonable to expect that improvements will occur region-by-region.
  What is it with you and absolutes all the time? You seem to frequently take a rather general and/or innocuous statement and dispute it based on a level of specificity not contained in or intended by the words.   No one ever said it's the ONLY size, Apple's marketing referred to it as "the perfect size" for people who apparently have had one arm amputated or something.
  By "some people" you mean "Apple?" Because they are the ones that make the claim.
  The thing is that the way the desktop version is supposed to work doesn't, actually. All the confusion and frustration goes away if you accept the fundamental premise that, so far, Messages just plain doesn't work very well. It's cool, but still a little confused. Hopefully it will follow the lead of Final Cut and Maps and become usable after two years. It'll be worth the wait.
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