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  Same here. Our current set is an XBR. I bought it even though the old set was only a couple years old because I wanted to upgrade from 720 to 1080. I spent hours and hours and hours comparing and evaluating and fretting and wound up spending almost twice as much as the old TV cost. When I got it home it looked like a TV. Meh. In the absence of side-by-side comparison and any obvious shortcomings, the benefits of the top-of-the-line stuff go largely unnoticed. I won't do...
I seem to recall feeling like Apple was close to the front of the pack when N came along. I don't remember reading about competitors adopting it and producing products around it long before Apple did. The move to AC feels different... a deal for chips has been in place for months, others have products, but no joy from Apple.         N doesn't really do 900 though, does it? Isn't the maximum for an Apple product 450? I don't even get THAT, but then the signal DOES have...
  One reason may be that it's not their core business, and they are leaving the risk of market sea-change in components to others. For example, if they build a facility that makes silicon and two years from now decide that the future is going to be all about graphene, they're stuck with an obsolete factory. The way it is now thats someone else's problem and they can just change suppliers if necessary.
  You have an Apple TV on the subway?! Awesome! I don't, nor do I have that option at work.
  Five hours, not an hour.   Glad to hear it won't adversely affect you. It's a bloody royal pain for some of us.
  Yeah, if that's how it worked, great. But since the iCloud failure means the device just shits itself and doesn't send the message AT ALL, iMessage or SMS, your dismissive attitude comes across as rude.
  You think? That would just make it identical to Facebook.
  Yes. They are "Too Small" and Too Smaller."   How anyone manages to access web sites with a screen that size is a complete mystery to me. The current size is fine for pretty much everything else I do with it, but it might as well not even have a web browser at that size.
  Gotcha. I like your perspective on that. I'm sure the gear *I* use seems "low-end" to the guy with the D-Control and boutique outboard. There's more to it than just "good" gear and "cheap" gear -- there's a continuum.   Sometimes I see "reality checks" being confused with "snobbery" though. The guy that claims his amp-sim plug-in is "just as good" as a real amp in a good room with a good mic will often be met with jabs, but it's not because he uses a plug-in, it's...
  Sorta... so far it feels like Firewire II: The Sequel except with even LESS product and even SLOWER adoption (and that's saying something!).   What products DO we have so far?   High resolution displays? Apple has one. Does anyone else?     Multichannel audio interfaces? With every Joe and Joanne that ever picked up a guitar now having a "studio" in her or his bedroom I expected we'd have a whack of 'em by now. Or maybe at least a handful. Or even just ONE?! Nope.   How...
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