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  I wonder how much of that is because content distributors are still charging more for HD content? Continuing to present HD as a "premium" product rather than just the current "standard" is getting a little tiresome now. It's 2013 -- HD is no longer a novelty, it's the norm. For me, paying 25-33% more for an already expensive movie or TV series is a deterrent.
  View such attitudes with skepticism, but don't laugh.   Many (most?) people who poo-poo the value of high-quality gear do so without benefit of ever having USED it. It's hard to go back once you've used devices that sound better, interface better and "quirk" less. Some things that cost more provide only subtle benefits, but some, like high voltage rails, yield huge benefits. There are stupid reasons for being a gear snob, but in some cases, there are GOOD reasons.   I...
  Avid didn't even buy M-audio, Digidesign did. When Avid bought Digi they got M-audio too. They've been trying to sell itfor months with no takers.   Edit: I see they DID sell it. Same owner as Akai and Numark, huh? Sounds about right.
  He's actually right about THAT part. Low-cost interfaces from Avid (nee Digidesign) actually are bat barf by pro standards. It amazes me that people buy them, but then people buy all kinds of crappy gear so I guess I shouldn't be too surprised.
  I've suffered three major head traumas in my life. That's my excuse for confusing a vertical measurement (1080) with a horizontal measurement (1440) and concluding the former was insufficient to display the latter. I know better (I work in TV fer cryin' out loud) but something in my head went upsideways down for some reason. I claim indemnification due to injury and being just generally kinda slow-witted.   You are, of course, correct. I have no idea why I'm having such...
  Well, it *IS* finally useful, and for a lot of applications may be a perfectly reasonable, lower-cost alternative to TB. Like an external drive that's not SSD or RAID, or capturing a single video stream.
Quote:   Oh yeah... duh. How can you tell I'm a TV guy first and computer guy second... or ninth...
  Why times 60 rather than 30? What source is 60 frames per second?   Don't get me wrong, I'm all for supporting 60fps, I'm just curious how you arrived at that figure?
  All true. So now I'm left wondering, assuming we do start seeing higher resolution devices, how will we connect them? Does HDMI have sufficient bandwidth to carry 4K? If not, then what? DisplayPort?
  I'm not sure I agree. I understand the argument that one must offer competitive packages to attract good people, but sweet hoogly moogly the definition of "competitive" has become can't-even-get-your-head-around-it astro-freakin-nomical these days. Seriously. At some point, someone somewhere has to say "ENOUGH" and start reeling executive packages back into the realm of reason.   I'm not anti-wealth or anything, but I am pro-common sense, and to me the remuneration this...
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