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I'm about to order a non-retina MacBook Pro for my wife, and we're trying to make some decisions around which "upgrades" to buy as BTO options from Apple and which to do ourselves with aftermarket components.   I've now spent two hours trying to figure out how much RAM to order and can't find a definitive answer.   Buying from Apple, the maximum RAM is 8GB, but OWC and Crucial both list the maximum as 16GB. Does anyone know for sure that the machine can actually...
  Are you sure? I was still a kid in the 70's, but I don't recall radio being viewed as geezerly. I had both a portable radio and a clock radio in my room, both of which I listened to a lot.       Right? We all know that anything old is automatically bad. Like TV. And cars. And... well, you get the idea.          Huh? I don't recall seeing anything anywhere in the thread that would suggest anyone feels left behind. Some have questioned whether there's any reason for Apple...
  Thanks, that's helpful. I didn't know you can do any of those things. I thought it was just a linear stream like OTA radio.
I just thought of something else:     So FCPX was used for "pre-cutting" on set, but was it used for the final edit? Does FCPX even support 3D?   It says they wrote their own script to convert exported XML to EDL. What was the EDL for? Was it for another system used to actually produce the finished edit? If not, why did they need an EDL?
A few things in that article made me wonder what it must be like to work on this guy's films:     Why? Professionals learn deep, sophisticated software all the time. Expertise with certain software is part of what makes one person more likely to get work than another. The time spent learning the software is spent well before the user gets anywhere near a film, so why does it matter how long it takes? Is everyone working on his film starting from scratch, having never used...
  This is where I lose the plot trying to figure out why I might want a streaming music service. I already get radio, for free, out of the air. Several different formats. If the model is to mimic "conventional radio," why not just listen to conventional radio? What's the advantage of streaming over receiving?
  I hate you.                             Probably a good idea. Of course, I'll also have to completely relearn how to edit since the interface is so different...   Dick, you have been really, really, helpful and have cleared up several of my misconceptions. I appreciate your help and applaud your patience and generosity. Thank you!
  So are you saying that FCPX keeps all the render/cache/miscellaneousobscuredata files in the project folder instead of a central repository? If so, Halleluja, praise Dog!     So let's say I've got a bunch of clips I captured with the Blackmagic utility, and they're all organized into various folders in a way that makes me feel warm and fuzzy. What happens when I bring them into a session? Are they copied to an Event folder?   If not, and FCPX allows me to use source...
I wonder how many in-app purchases are upgrades from the free version to paid? My wife downloaded the free version of some game and the ads were so intrusive she decided to buy the paid version. Would that count in the figures?
  Fortunately, no they don't. They can say "screw this" and go buy something else.   I will admit though, it's nice to know that even if an OS update causes an Apple "pro" app to quit working, at least my phone lets me easily see what my Facebook friends think of that cat video everyone is so excited about.
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