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  Sorry if it seems like I'm being inconsistent or vague. I didn't expect that we might discuss my objections in detail. I was just trying to be clear that my decision not to embrace FCPX is based on simply preferring one way of working over another, not any concern over missing features.   It's also important to stress that I don't think the way FCPX does things is "wrong" just because I might prefer a different approach. That's my issue, not Apple's. Fortunately for me,...
  Okay, it has a metadata editor. Admittedly a cool feature, but I don't really see how it does anything to mitigate my complaints about how FCPX manages files and structures sessions.   I actually had trouble getting past the first two minutes of the video because I couldn't take him seriously after he said, "You don't need to worry about what your files are called... don't even think about it."
  You probably wouldn't do exactly that, but it's a safe and easy way to demonstrate the seemingly inconsistent way iTunes handles metadata. It exhibits similar foibles with movies and TV shows.
  He didn't say "I hope this doesn't hurt poor Apple," he said "Apple obviously doesn't care about me, so screw it, I'm going elsewhere" and described where he's going instead. What's wrong with that?
  Try this:   - Copy your music library to another drive. - Delete all the files in the iTunes folder. - Drag your music files back into iTunes. - Try to figure out why half your songs still have album art and the other half don't.   Lemme know if you want any other sure-fire, guaranteed-to-go sideways things one might reasonably do with their media library.   I don't hate iTunes and continue to use it for reasons that are likely irrelevant to anyone else, but it'll test...
    From Page 16 of the "FCPX Apologists Guide." I don't know if you're supposed to quote it verbatim though... (j/k )   I ask with zero malice, just genuine curiosity: Dick, do you have some kind of vested interest in more people using FCPX? Why do you go to the trouble of trying to persuade others?
  No, Soli, no one is suggesting any particular machine. Maybe it could be part of a model that they don't even make yet, maybe a "couldn't hurt" add-on to every model -- who knows? Use your imagination.
  That should tell you that he HAS used it!    But seriously, I actually haven't tried it myself. Not because it lacks features I need though, I just don't care much for the new interface or Apple's "atypical" file management system.
  LOL! I hadn't thought about it that way. Good point! Still, the basic sentiment still applies -- if, for reasons that are hard to imagine, it still isn't ready, I'd rather wait while they do whatever's required to make it 100% than pay multikilobux for something with issues that will be resolved in the next update.   Of course, I say that in the context of so far still being able to get daily work done. If that were to change, I'm not sure what I'd do.
  DING DING DING! We have a winner, folks!   The topic of this article is EXACTLY why they should, as you point out, TAKE THEIR TIME. Apple has spent two years trying to undo the damage they did to their pro editing market. Taking a product to market before it's ready for its target users is not a working program. Just ask the Maps team.   I have software with bugs that are fixed by an update I can't install until I get a newer machine, so I'm anxious for an updated Pro,...
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