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  What percentage of the population exhibits this condition? What percentage is enough to make it reasonable to ask everybody to change? What do you suggest as an equivalent alternative?
  You have? When did you do that?   What? Oh.   Sorry, I just assume that I'm the only one who still uses apostrophes.  
  Still, there are aspect of it that could be changed to enhance ease-of-use. For example, I've seen several posts on this forum about the nuisance of having to drill down through settings menus to get at commonly changed switches like WiFi and Bluetooth. The addition of some kind of "macro" icon would allow those people to be happier and more productive while not having any affect whatsoever on those who don't care.
  In general I agree with the concept you put forward. I do find one aspect you pointed out to actually be useful though.   In the image above the shadowing gives the impression that the top and bottom panels are fixed in space above a scrolling list below. To my slowpoke brain, that kind of visual cue helps me quickly and intuitively understand the controls -- the top and bottom and stay put, while the "layer" below them scrolls underneath them.   In that case the...
  A-freakin'-MEN! I can't think of any other change to the look of the OS over the years that even got my attention, much less caused me distraction, but the monochrome icons drive me NUTS!   I used to instinctively click the appropriate one automatically, now it seems like I have to stop, look and choose every time. It's not a matter of caring how it looks, it's a constant disruption of my Thomas-the-Train-of-thought. Apparently my so-called brain responds better to...
  If you think that's the best way to get what you want from the forum, berate them early, often and hard. To me it seems like instead of interesting discussion all you'll get is "me-too" praise from the choir loft for everything Apple makes and does, but then maybe finding that boring puts me in the minority.
  I don't get it. Your insult doesn't work with his post. You'd have to stop reading halfway through and completely ignore the fact that he's talking about how we don't know what the hell Ive means by "flat."
  You're smarter than me. I can barely get a table lamp and power outlet to work together, much less devices from different vendors!
  Sorry, I worded that poorly. All I meant was to ask that you please not shoo people away if your only objection is their criticism of Apple. Some people are thin-skinned and may be discouraged from sharing their own experiences if they see others being chastised for doing so.   People who buy and use Apple products but have issues with particular aspects of that product are not the same as those who hate everything and just complain as a form of virtual vandalism.
  I have no problem with journalists (and even pseudo-journalists) critiquing Apple's offerings. Sometimes a good lambasting brings about change for the better.   That said, the linked article wasn't particularly useful, was it? It just seemed like the author was claiming "iCloud doesn't work" with no meaningful description of what was wrong or didn't do what it should. Just lots of links to other people who don't like it either.   (FWIW, one of those linked "other...
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