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  Man, I wish I could say that, too. I'm what you might call "Mostly satisfied." I find way more things to like than dislike about the Apple experience, but there are still SOME things that others do better. Not enough to make me switch or feel "dissatisfied" but enough for me to stay willing to at least evaluate alternatives.
  Do you talk to people like that in real life, or only from a position of anonymity on a web forum? If the former, may I please ask you to share what you have found through extensive experience to be the best remedies for facial bruising?
  May I respectfully request that you please not cast out the blasphemer who dares speak ill of the Holy Company? If you prefer not to read criticism or complaint, may I humbly ask that you skip over such posts but let them continue to exist for those who find benefit in them? In the case of this particular poster, he wasn't hating on Apple, he was describing what he doesn't like and where he's had trouble. I like to read comments like that to see how/when/if my...
I was pleasantly surprised when I replaced a failed device and all my contacts, bookmarks and calendars "magically" appeared on the new device. I was happy and impressed. I've never had a problem with that aspect of it.   I also really like going into the iTunes store and finding everything I've ever purchased sitting there available to download onto whatever device I happen to be using. Very cool.   I'm freaked out by the whole idea of iCloud file storage...
  I was going to disagree with you, but in a way you're right. When my Mac fails to do something or does something wrong, it's usually completely random and not reproducible. That's gotta make troubleshooting a BITCH.   So much for the definition of insanity being repeating an action and expecting a different outcome! With a modern Mac you can't assume that because something didn't work the first time that it won't the second.
The Americans design a phone with GPS, accelerometers, gyroscopes and motors to position the device for minimum damage on impact.   The Koreans just make the phone out of rubber.
  Not if you drop it from an airplane!    Unless the airplane is on the ground. Then yeah, you're right.
  Like I said, I don't know what the Corel product is like now since I no longer use it. Is Paint now comparable to Photoshop in terms of quality? My daughter is forced to use Draw! to drive signage and engraving equipment, and according to her, it's still as bad as it was way back then -- its inability to correctly interpret Postscript and files created with any other app is legendary, and the seemingly arbitrary rounding of numerical values seems to still exist -- but I...
  I don't have the numbers handy anymore, but I think it still works out okay even if you only update every second version. That's what I was doing, and somehow I came to the conclusion that the subscription fee versus the purchase price worked out to a comparison I could accept. That's for the Full Meal Deal though. If you're using, say, Design Standard and don't want or need every single app Adobe offers, it may not be as attractive.   In my particular circumstances the...
  I don't know what Paint is like now, I haven't used it in years, but I remember the Phoenix-rising massive epiphany day around 1999 or so when I walked across the building from my CorelDRAW and Paint machine to the new one running Photoshop and Illustrator. Both did the same thing, but the QUALITY of the results was SOOOOO much better with the Adobe products. I've never looked back.
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