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  I know what you're saying, and have been struggling with that "value" issue myself for the last few years.   The problem I've been having is that many of the so-called "quality" products fail as frequently and quickly as the "budget" products.   I used to buy equipment touted as being "higher quality" both for the better performance and an expectation of longer life with less frequent failures. That expectation was usually not realized. I don't mean *sometimes*, I mean...
  The weight of a device does not affect the speed at which it falls. Remember Galileo's experiment dropping balls from a tower?   The fall may be affected by aerodynamics, aka air resistance, but that means a thinner device might actually fall faster.
  You're lucky. Mine spits and hiccups from time to time too. Mine isn't bad enough to make me buy a new device, but neither is it "smooth as can be." I do restart mine whenever it does something really egregious (like forget the passwords for my email accounts) and surprisingly it doesn't seem to help the lag/chop very much.   I still like it though, and since the solution is to throw $800 at the problem, I choose to live with it!
  I think the introduction of a device that's likely to sell millions of units, many of which might be lost iPhone sales, in a market Apple created and outright owned until recently *IS* Apple news. News about where Apple is losing ground is just as important as where they're gaining.
  Huh? The survey made no claim to be a comparison of Android vs. iOS. It reported the degree of satisfaction users felt with their phones. It turns out that users of four other phones reported being happier with their choice than people who bought iPhone 5s.   Of course, we don't know who or what was asked or how, so it's a pointless report, like pretty much any similar report (including those that reflect more positively on Apple).   Anyway, if you want a comparison of...
  Simple. A user might love the iPad and think OSX is the best OS in the world, but not be in love with the IPhone 5. When asked which company they like most they answer Apple, but when asked how satisfied they are with their iPhone 5, the score they give is lower than what owners of other phones report. I might choose, say, Honda, as may favorite auto maker overall even though I don't much care for the Crosstour. (I was going to use BMW as an example, but then I...
  What would you like to see on the screen instead of just a bunch of icons?   I, for one, am a strong believer in the KISS principle, and am actually very impressed with Apple's ability to maintain a very high level of usability while controlling the degree to which users can get into trouble.
  ...that Apple, as a company, based on the entire product line, finished first overall. The iPhone 5, taken in isolation and based only on its own merits, finished fifth.
  So if I buy an iPhone 5 today, how old is the software that comes with it?
  He said he searched for a local bakery and the location it returned was upstate. I don't think one needs to know where the bakery actually is to know that the map is wrong.
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