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  I've already apologized for being unclear. For the record, I did not mean that I prefer plastic. I didn't really mean ANYTHING, it was just wishing out loud.     I don't know who Teckstud is, but based on the context I'm getting the impression that the comparison is not flattering...
  Not for iPhone, at least from Apple:   http://store.apple.com/ca/product/APP_IPHONE_PLUS_AUTO-110480/applecare%2B-for-iphone     How to get AppleCare+ Add it to your shopping cart during the checkout process when you purchase your new iPhone. Buy it within 30 days of your iPhone purchase at Apple Retail (requires inspection of the iPhone & & proof of purchase). Your iPhone purchase date is the date we ship and charge you for your order.
  Maybe nobody knew about them. I didn't know Dell even made a phone at all. Based on the discussion around here, I don't think a lot of others did either.
  Unfortunately not everyone with whom I have to communicate has that capability. My dad, government agencies, retail stores...
  I think you're right. I can't even remember the last time I held a phone to my ear. My usage pattern is 90% headset, 10% speakerphone.
  At first I thought you were just being pedantic, but I looked it up and you're right! Of course, you already knew that. Thanks!
  Okay, if *YOU* interpreted what I wrote as bitching, then I have to concede that I must not have been clear. I sometimes get the feeling that people around here read with an eye to looking for reasons to argue, but you are not one of those people.   I'm sorry that I gave the impression that I was complaining. Because I believed my comments were utterly innocuous, I didn't understand the negative reactions. I now understand that what I wrote wasn't clear, and those who...
  Seriously Phil? I absolutely refuse to believe that such a commonly used phrase could be that misunderstood. Solip's word-by-word breakdown was the most exaggerated example of pedantics I've ever seen.   What I meant was obvious. Some people around here just thrive on being dicks.
  You're a code jockey, aren't you?
  Dude, are you having a reading comprehension problem today? I'M NOT ARGUING WITH YOU.   All I said was that NOBODY CARES what the fucking material is CALLED, and that it was crazy for some woman to claim it can't be Gorilla Glass because hers broke. I said I want something that won't break. I did NOT say that I don't care about anything else. OBVIOUSLY there are other considerations as well. I didn't say I want something that won't give me cancer, so are you going to...
New Posts  All Forums: