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  HUH?! I said no such thing. I said I want it to be made of something that won't break when I drop it. I didn't say that was the only consideration, nor did I disqualify ANYTHING. You're putting words in my mouth.   Jeez, I BOUGHT the freakin' thing, what else do you want? :)
  What brand and trade name is the glass in your windsheild? Do you know? Do you care? All you care about is whether it'll break when it gets hit with that road debris you mentioned.   That was my point.
  LOL! Damn, I guess I'm becoming indoctrinated, because that was pretty much what I said... who CARES what kind of material it is? Does it break when you drop it?
  I wasn't blaming anyone. I said it's absurd for that woman to claim that it broke when it fell because it's not really Gorilla Glass.   So, to use your own tone back at you, seriously, take responsibility for your jerking knee.
  Why would someone make a claim like that? One needn't deny the use of Gorilla Glass to make the point that the dogdamn thing is still freakin' GLASS and breaks if you drop it. Personally I don't care whether it's GG, window pane or SuperMegaGlass, I just want something that doesn't break when I drop it.
My iP4 (not "S") routinely ignores touches. Sometimes I have to hit a button ten times before the phone recognizes the input. Sometimes moistening the tip of finger helps, other times it doesn't. I've accepted it as just an incredibly annoying part of the price one pays to realize the positive parts of owning an iPhone.   Is it possible that the touch response issues are not hardware related at all but rather a "software trying to catch up" problem? Or do previous...
  Go into the kitchen and grab a plate. Now hold it up to your ear.
  None of your business, that's how.   Okay, I'm clairvoyant.   I also have hands the size of boxing gloves so I figured chances are...   Okay, that's not true. I actually have tiny little hands and was lying because I feel inadequate.   Or I was just making a point about absurd generalizations.   I dunno, pick one of those.
  A two minute Google search does not reveal any more recent comparisons, let alone any that split out computers from iDevices, so I'm gonna go with this:   I was wrong when I guessed that Dell and HP make more money on computers than Apple does. Mea culpa.
New Posts  All Forums: