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  It's not JUST a phone though. I suspect your usage patterns may not resemble the typical smartphoner.   We now txt more than we talk. We browse, snap, upload and share. Voice calls represent less than 10% of total daily use. That means the form factor best suited to those other tasks should be a higher priority than voice calls, right?   Besides, I don't know about other people, but I haven't held a phone to my head in years. I have things that stick in my ears for...
  No, it's not. My hands are much bigger than yours.   If you don't like a big screen phone, don't buy one. Why would you object to others wanting one?
  Big talk... a meaningless contradiction with no sales figures to back it up.   Moving on.
  What do you get if you remove pixel density as a concern? I still honestly believe that for everyone except AppleHeads, Retina is a solution in search of a problem. Before it came along I never, ever, as in not even once, heard ANYONE say, "Y'know, that's a nice display but I find it distracting that I can make out individual pixels if I sit really close and squint." Sure, Retina *is* nicer, but to the masses it's icing, not the cake.       That's not a bad size,...
  That's a really good point, but in this case i think the answer is "Yes, they do." Everyone I know who has an Android-based OS on their phone has created custom shortcuts, which really are handy.
  Okay. I don't want a bigger iPhone. I just want an iPhone with a bigger screen. :)   Silver back with a black face, please. Same colorway as the entire Mac lineup.   Oh, in addition to screen size they also do S/M/L with storage capacity.
  You are NOT alone.   I've wanted a larger screen ever since I realized there was no way my fingers and eyes were going to let me use a web browser on an iPhone. Now that I've seen my daughter's Galaxy I REALLY want a bigger screen!
  That, and those of us with big fat fingers who curse UI designers that use small buttons and crowd them close to each other. Mostly a problem with web browsing, but also applies to some apps.
    Is the illustration above the way you have it set? With those options it will, of course, allow the ATV access to anything on that computer because it's set to share the entire library. The way you would exclude items would be to select "Share selected playlists:" and check the ones you want the ATV to access and uncheck the ones you don't. Maybe I missed something earlier in the thread or misunderstood the problem you're having.   As I'm sure has crossed your mind,...
  Fair point and a good argument. However, if we're comparing just the computer part of Apple's sales not including iDevices, which is what I was talking about, I suspect Apple would not be the leader.   Actually my analogy wasn't a very good one, since there is no BMW-as-an-alternative-to-Mercedes equivalent in the consumer computer market. Perhaps if there WERE a competing "high end" product it would put some pressure on Apple to improve pricing and options. Since there...
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