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Figured it out. It's still lame that video embedded in a pdf cant be viewed thru ibooks. Who the fudge cares about video in epubs, pdfs where its at.
I heard about this update and got really excited, but for some reason I can't get any files (neither .pdf nor .epub) from itunes to my ipad to work on ibooks. All I can see in my library is that stupid winnie the pooh book. Anyone else experiencing this problem? Solutions?
Which is why I'm looking for a less proprietary format other than .pdf...
Don't think that's available for the iPad...
Is there some other more public file format I can convert the file to without losing any formatting?
I can play it straight from my PC's browser...don't have to save the file to open it with adobe (so I'm not sure what you mean by proprietary to adobe products). Anyways, however, when I try the url on iPad's Safari, I can see the pdf file, but the video isn't present.
Voila (I put this up as a test). http://chronicle.ca/ipadtest2.pdf
Not using a MAC, no keynote. Basically what I'm trying to accomplish is that I have a .pdf file, and I want to some how replace a picture in the file with a clickable video. And then somehow be able to view this on the iPad, ideally through one of their free pdf viewers.
That being said...what's the best way for me to amalgamate the information contained within my .pdf and a video file? I tried converting the .pdf to .html and then inserting the code for a video manually, but the .pdf loses some of its formatting when being converted to .html, and I can't have that.
Updated. Didn't help. Issue still stands.
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