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Who cares?
Definitely a non-issue. However, Bono is an annoying douchebag in any case.
 If the most arduous thing in your day is being complimented on your attractiveness, I'd say you're doing just fine.
What the hell else is a little chiclet keyboard going to look like, exactly? Maybe Cadbury should sue BB and Seacrest both.
"Apple offers refunds to 'Breaking Bad' Season Pass holders following AMC's ridiculous cash-grab to double-up its profits on the 5th season" FTFY
I haven't the faintest idea why anybody would want to see this. It looks about as well-made as your average 1980's TV movie of the week. It's a fucking embarrassment.
"However, in the UK, you cant receive Iplayer, ITV Player, 4OD or 5 on Demand" The UK is a clown country that censors the internet. I wouldn't expect Apple to care about what happens in that sort of place.
Given that jailbroken devices are completely unsupported by Apple, this is a good move by software developers. I can see two benefits from this. One, cutting down on piracy, and two, cutting down on the developers' support costs for people running even legitimately purchased apps on compromised devices.
iPhone-owning middle managers and Wall Street douchbags will be very disappointed.
Translation: Execs at TBWA(silly backslash)Chiat(silly backslash)Day are complaining because they are being asked to work for the money they are being paid.
New Posts  All Forums: