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[quote]Originally posted by ihxo: I'll try to answer your Myths, 1) LCD price did increase, according to what I see on buy.com the price of KDS (The cheapest) LCD monitor rose from under $300 to $326.47, here goes about 30-40 dollars 2) The SDRam price of 256 MB Used to be under 20 dollars, now those PC133 SDRAM are selling at about 50-60 dollars if you are lucky you can get some at 4x dollars. here goes 40-30 bucks. 3) The iMac is a low margine product it's...
just read up on hannibal's post regarding the new g4 updates, and the followups over at ars. Pretty obivous Hannibal and zamboni take pleasure on taking jabs at macs. And try to spin it off by saying how mac users attack them at their every negative post. Because of such thing, im sure many mac users got sick of ars and left the board. Though on the mac fourm, someone detailed very infomrative look on this new g4 update. anyways, just my rant. wish those mac users still...
[quote]Originally posted by Adam11: Thanks..... I hope they change this in the future..... 4gigs - whats up with that ! Cheers adam
mistake, imovie has 2gig file size limit. i believe the limit is due to HFS. if imovie was only designed for HFS+, the limit should be 4.7gig
[QUOTE]Originally posted by Adam11: I did this too and got a message from iMovie saying that the file was too big (it was only 5gig)..... is this supposted to happen ? Anyone ? Thanks adam [ 12-30-2001: Message edited by: Adam11 ][/QUOTEt yes, 4 gig size limit. try spliting the original source into 2 files then converting it.
ive had that happen to me few times first time i trashed the preferences, no go. trashed all the prefer, no go. clean install no go. zapped the pram. no go. took out the batter for a day. good next time it happend, did all of the above, nothing was helping. i opend up the mouse, and things came loose somehow.
well havent crashed once yet with 5.1 like i said, it seems to render pages slightly slower compare to 5.0, though it could be my erratice cable connection. i gave it plenty of memory like 55MB. after i installed, i did trash internet preference, and other older ie prerference folders. maybe that's the difference. oh yeah, trashed some old ie extenions also.
what whole DivX mac revoultion fiasco? care to elaborate that for me? btw divx.com has released divx codec for macos and osx.
even with newer g4s, osx is slow. that's a fact. aqua is unpolished, and it careless about user expereience. as far as speed issue, if apple has just provided options to turn off transparency , shadow , other eye candy stuffs and each new window open didnt eat up 1.5MB of ram im sure there would be far less people on g3 complaining about speed. try shadow killer and u'll see the difference esp for g3 owners.
i dont see any big problem logging in as root unless say you start ircing ;B. as long you dont mess with system files no biggie. yeah, now i remember the sudo cmd. been trying to use osx but god it's so slow, eating up so much memory also. i just hope apple gives us the option to turn off eyecandy stuff like transparency. that's one thing i like about XP, option to turn off resource hoggin features.
only way i can think of is logging in as root and emptying it. maybe there's another way. when i wanted to delete some codecs in library/quicktime dir, it didnt let me cause of priviliage violation so just loged in as root, and was able to trash something i wasnt able to as admin.
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