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Samsung's marketing department has raised a few eyebrows in recent years. Also, breakdancing being all the rage has convinced me just anything is possible in modern advertisement, so... Why not?
That raises different issues, from a few orders of magnitude more complex than the ones raised (?) by the article ( is OSS really safer than closed source, and are the benefits of OSS offset by the unpredictability of API changes).My take on closed source is clear, openness at least allows people to search for issues, even though whether they actually do is still their own responsibility, and as for unpredictability, Apple is not known for backward compatibility, which may...
Exactly this. The whole article bases itself on two assumptions:- there are no other exceedingly bad bugs allowing injection in Apple's code, hence OSS is a worse method than closed source- the fact Heartbleed is the worse bug of the two is not purely luckIt appears to me, both statements are unlikely to be true.-
Running an iPhone4. Enough said.
3GS, 4S.Your turn.
Ass size, seating statistics, core move patterns and the revolutionary coccyx-safety control which calls 911 if you break the bone.
Kuo does a good job.Just because most X are bad does not make all Xs bad.
Who cares. Does not run Windows 8.
What a broken system where companies get to choose who is an adequate jury. Feels like W40K, deployment phase... Also, the jury who spent valuable months jurying for trial 1 must feel they lost a bit of their life for no reason, with another trial going on..
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