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Agreed for cheddar, would avoid some "interesting" Dutch imitations (even though, I recently bought Camembert made in the NL. I was wondering what was so wrong until I figured out it only had the name). BBC makes Apples round ;)  I am, indeed, conflating both these agreed-rules-of-trade-and commerce. It is exactly where we have different opinions, and to my opinions they are all the more valid debates that even Benjamin F. (Franklin, not Frost) himself was first in favor...
 Well, seems we can't come to an agreement here. "Apple and iPhone are just a name", why should that be protected? Come to that, why should Intellectual Property be protected, or even Property while we're at it. It's just objects made of matter, or ideas, and everyone has a plain right to that matter by virtue of being born. This reasoning does make sense, as much as "it is just a region", I'll admit it. However, in order to have capitalism and civilization AS WE KNOW IT...
@asdad: you're right, that region is called Champagne. But I agree with you. We should all be allowed to make cheap knock-offs. I'm sure Samsung will be delighted to sell the SApple iPhone. I'm going to call my company yard "California', create an Apple B.V. and start selling "Designed by Apple in California" hardware, maybe? /s I don't quite agree with retroactive tax/laws (it's just retarded), but basically blaming countries on defending their cultural, industrial and...
As usual, a remarkable piece by Neil Hughes. 'nuff said.
oO No comment, monkey boy.
He gets to set whatever he wants. Then the rest of the world gets to ignore them :D
I still would be happy with a iPhone 6 sized as the 5s... I guess most people just think different :/
The Apple Galaxy S! Yaye... :/
This is a free country. Vodafone carries whatever it wants, none of those American "exclusive" market distortion deals. (Yeah, I do find extremely amusing the way some capitalists go far enough as to advocate for obviously anti-capitalist practices because it's in the interest of one of their favorite investments. Also, there were exclusive deals for a while, but it seems the governments figured out it breaks the law after a period of typical governmental apathy.) Still,...
In the Netherlands, Vodafone just announced iPhone 6. Not sure if it's any reliable... There is a link to subscribe to some mailing list: https://www.vodafone.nl/iphone/nieuwe-iphone.shtml?cmpid=170017_26944978_1408_EDSE08-eDM_A558
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