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I'm again going to go against most commenters. I think this decision makes perfect sense in light of existing rulings and the European patent systems, and is a good decision. What is bothersome is that Samsung gets away with designing phones that are sold as "cheaper iPhones".
Feels like everyone more or less agrees.Also, why is Ai's editor so bad at displaying decently on iPhone and iPad?!
 I think you're quite correct here. There also is a certain grain of Wildean humor here. The only people who never needed time keepers (because they employ people to deal with their agenda) are also the ones who have no need to smartwatches, as well as the ones who can afford €10k+ watches, e.g. extreme luxury mechanical watches. Just reading magazines like SuperYachts or the FT culture supplements is a healthy reminder that advertisement/marketing targeting that market...
Raises two questions...1- when did you find time to actually study2- how much did you pay for your tuition It is my understanding that the latter has exploded in the last few years, starting about when I was a student (on a scholarship, was lucky).I doubt many students nowadays could afford expensive hifi, roof, food and tuition even on nightshift jobs and summer jobs... and it kind of scares me. Almost as much as the students whose family pay happily whatever has to be...
I stand corrected. This obviously makes perfect sense, in light of Apple's approach to market, and is a wise business decision indeed.
I have to agree with him. When I was a student, tuition and housing and food were on my buy list. A cheap windows machine also was, which soon was a dual boot Linux machine. A Mac would have been had I had the money or the experience (over the years of studies, early investment in a Mac would have been a better bet).Definitely, expensive sound systems weren't on the radar. People who can't see that this is true for most students live in a rarefied sphere of inherited...
Well said ;)
Except that it doesn't work.  If it were true, the banks would just put an EULA "you confirm you aren't stealing money off someone's account" on their terminals, instead of securing them.
Most importantly, Apple & others could be held liable for NOT securing their platforms enough, enabling terrorists's spying and hijacking networks for their own benefit.  Does the DoJ really believe that the enemy has no mathematician and no computer geek? Obviously, they're not that stupid. Therefore... FUD.
That might be the case. I'm much more excited by the new iPhone than the old FuelBand anyway :)
New Posts  All Forums: