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This is a free country. Vodafone carries whatever it wants, none of those American "exclusive" market distortion deals. (Yeah, I do find extremely amusing the way some capitalists go far enough as to advocate for obviously anti-capitalist practices because it's in the interest of one of their favorite investments. Also, there were exclusive deals for a while, but it seems the governments figured out it breaks the law after a period of typical governmental apathy.) Still,...
In the Netherlands, Vodafone just announced iPhone 6. Not sure if it's any reliable... There is a link to subscribe to some mailing list: https://www.vodafone.nl/iphone/nieuwe-iphone.shtml?cmpid=170017_26944978_1408_EDSE08-eDM_A558
I'm betting a new Lamborghini that this concept would work if the actors/participants are charismatic.
I'm all for Apple lobbying for a strong public affordable/free education system, but I'm a socialist. Says so on the can.
What size of donation? Proportional to the herring? Is the herring red? Be precise :p
So does Google. Of course, the people are the product.
"Share if you agree" makes a difference. You get read by your friends, and possibly your fans, who all might make a donation, or share, etc. Viral works.  If you have no friends and no fans... just make a donation.
@Ikrupp: I had NO CLUE who Lou Gehrig was until I Googled him, but I know Hawking for sure. I'd bet you a beer that you're American, though, because baseball is a very American sport, and it does sound pretty American to believe an American sportsman is more famous than a British scientist. Not to say you're wrong, just that it does probably depend on where/when.
Not to mention Li-Ion batteries :D
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