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That's an interesting point. Another: most customers of Apple (and Windows) aren't American. The indignation at the US government spying on US citizens is irrelevant to most of Apple's customers. What matters to them is the US government spying on them ;) Also, China. But I think you can anyway conclude any text nowadays by "also, China"", and it will mean something sensible :p
I feel sorry for the poor Intern who had to be up at 5 in the morning for this national-security matter "get a space black watch for Mr Bush".
That's ugly and not very practical... Not to mention quite expensive for what you get.
Did you make an account to say that? I expect MUCH more than 300k have been sent out. If nothing else, I have mine ;)
I don't think the "watch industry" is endangered. The 200-1000€ industry is. Someone who can and does afford a 20 000€ watch is looking at exclusivity and possibly investment value, two things the Apple Watch does not deliver. I foresee a lot of captor-insertion, the Withings way
I was just thinking that "Prior to my visit to Switzerland (where I captured the above 240fps Slomo on an iPhone 6 Plus), I visited London to observe the Apple Watch launch in that country." felt very much like "tax deduction justification live action".
I have to say, the Swiss sure know how to make impressive "Apps".
I think it works OK, but it's pretty useless. Half of the responses are "Of course, man, just pull your phone out since I'm busy smoking weed" (or something along these lines).  Also, this "throw you to handoff" is quite annoying, because it seems to conflict with touch-to-unlock which always sends me to the HomeScreen, or maybe I am doing it wrong...
That's why I still read the paper version of the IHT, the FT, Le Monde, Les Echos, and generally every newspaper that can't compete on speed with the Web and has to offer something more than "first to report"...
I appreciate when someone else makes the well-deserved name-calling. Prevents me from getting banned while still providing satisfaction :p
New Posts  All Forums: