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An interesting question. I expect it also depends on the country of use, the country where the user bought his/her device, and US copyright law, given that's where the servers are. Internet and virtual copies are such an amusing domain for lawyers to play in.
On the other hand, it kind of makes sense. "British Petroleum passes XYZ customers, but CEO refuses to talk about Lamborghini's next car."
Of course I do. That's why I said "FDA-style", not "FDA". Other than that, I agree that this organisation could be more stringent, very much so, and you are pretty spot on the IAP issue. Isn't that what the media does, though, overblow topics to sell papers/eyeball time?
Actually, you're mistaken here. If Apple, or you, want to play in a market, say Europe, Russia, or China, they have to accept the rules of that market.Just like the others have to if they want to commerce with the USA. It's called "bilateral approach". Very new.
@reason88 think different. They won't see the little smart startup with its radically different take on things. Apple 1983, for example, in a world where Big Blue was the tech giant.
The USA still hasn't been able to update to smart cards ( see wikipedia : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Credit_card#cite_note-69 ). I strongly doubt that Apple will revolutionize the situation. Payment systems involve companies, expenses, and risks, which make them extremely reticent to change beasts. Hell, I've seen places where they run payment systems on Windows 95 because _it works_. As cool as the idea sounds, I believe, and I might be totally wrong, that nothing...
 That kind of nerdy is arguably so out-of-date it's even trendy.     Put on a trendy beard and carry your iPad Air in a leather manly handbag, wear black-lined glasses (or turtled), and maybe a nice shirt from some underground designer, I'd say.       Also, from my experience, academic libraries are filled with hot chicks who can actually understand either math or greek, which is way more interesting than hot chicks that can tell you who won Voice of America this year....
I am pretty sure nobody really wants FDA-style "authorization of sales" agreements for devices, and apart from that, or massive governments, which is also bad (and expensive), governments will always be slower than technology. IAP is a small issue, and even one that can reasonably be debated (some people think the system is just fine as it is, and that might end up as the conclusion). Note, most European citizens who are aware of the workings of Europe (which, I guess, is...
1- You must not be aware of how modern capitalism work. Primer, American businesses extort the world to pay for their failing model. Heard of the words "financial crisis"?2- If Google and Apple aren't happy, they're welcome to get the f*** out. Free information, they're not getting out any time soon, which shows they're more reasonable than you are.3- Governments actually make whatever laws they feel like doing, and they're certainly not going to ask you, other than by way...
I think that Procreate is pretty amazing, fwiw.
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