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I'm betting a new Lamborghini that this concept would work if the actors/participants are charismatic.
I'm all for Apple lobbying for a strong public affordable/free education system, but I'm a socialist. Says so on the can.
What size of donation? Proportional to the herring? Is the herring red? Be precise :p
So does Google. Of course, the people are the product.
"Share if you agree" makes a difference. You get read by your friends, and possibly your fans, who all might make a donation, or share, etc. Viral works.  If you have no friends and no fans... just make a donation.
@Ikrupp: I had NO CLUE who Lou Gehrig was until I Googled him, but I know Hawking for sure. I'd bet you a beer that you're American, though, because baseball is a very American sport, and it does sound pretty American to believe an American sportsman is more famous than a British scientist. Not to say you're wrong, just that it does probably depend on where/when.
Not to mention Li-Ion batteries :D
Of course, "all final assembly processes" is very late in the manufacturing, and "breathing zone" sounds like operators can be exposed nonetheless (skin, for example). Obviously, Apple is doing more than anyone else, but we're still very far from putting humans first. At least Apple will force manufacturers to take this point into account. Go Apple, indeed! While I'm at it, am I the only person here to think that the Tim Cook text stating he's not happy with diversity...
"Apple for the first time made its specifications available for the first time." And all that, for the first time.
New Posts  All Forums: