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Actually, they have both. We, meaning UK, France, Germany, USA and NL, through our financial and industrial system, out of which ALL OF US HERE benefit everyday at the cost of less fortunate populations (that is the "obligation" part), have created and maintain (that is the "responsibility" part) an extremely unstable political and economical situation in the Middle East and Africa. The least we can do is take the refugees in, a minor amount of the populations that suffer...
More importantly, this reads as "company explains a market segmentation choice, needs to apologize over acknowledging it. Going forwards, tampons will be available for both genders."
1- Never heard of the famous "careera". A watch for careerists? 2- the guy who owns four watches with his gf... Why? A Chinese guy owns four gold watches with his dog, though. 3- I have one, never touch my mechanical one anymore. Actually saddens me, but hey. Too many benefits. 4- Tag Heuer is not a luxury brand. Even Rolex barely fits in that super-exclusive world. Why is it we now call "luxury" what merely is "bourgeois"?
Since when does America make a difference between European countries? Looks German, speaks German. Must be Germany
In Truth, Louis XIV gave the Swiss the watch industry by sending dragoons hunt down Protestants... who just left for Switzerland. As usual the Swiss rewrite history as suits their tiny mountain island.
That's ok, I dont listen to her anyway.
If you knew anything about anything, you wouldn't be in this bar drinking with us. Doh. Another beer? /s
It's obviously a rap star touring Black Mesa who got attacked by a head crab. Actually, I can think of five different, adorable, and very frustrating young ladies among my close friends/family members who'd hugely benefit from this.
flux.io, one of the most dividing tools at work. Some, among which I, utterly hate it. Others couldn't live without it. In any case, developers seem nice people.
As a French guy, I'd rather that iOS stays secure. It protects people while not changing anything for terrorists.YOU'RE ENTIRELY CORRECT IN YOUR ANALYSIS.
New Posts  All Forums: