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Location of brlawyer: Switzerland. Nuff said.
Yeah, I agree with that. My personal desires won't have any kind of impact on timespace or Apple's timeline anyway 
Maybe it's about Spring? Apple iSpring, a revolutionary new season!
I think you're right. I still find it a bit ridiculous, though. To me it feels like Gold Mercedes and Gold iPad and Gold Lamborghini: http://www.carscoops.com/2015/01/gold-plated-lamborghini-aventador-is-1.html Elegance is understatement, and gold is not understatement, now, is it? I wonder which one Sir Ive will use ^^
 I'm curious which one I'll get. The gold is clearly out of my ability to spend, but the steel one looks very tempting compared to the Sport. I guess I'll decide based on price :) I don't caaaaaaaaare. I want the Waaaaaaaaaatch already ;)Also, I want a refresh to the MacPro, but it'll have to wait a bit, I suppose.
You're almost there. It's the Apple iGenie, which solves all of your problems for only $notthatmuch.
Yeah, it's likely bizpolitics, but you can't be sure there is no reasonable security doubt at play.
  Because, if you were the Chinese Government, you would not do the same?Let's ask the question differently... Would you, as the US IT decision maker, put Huawei stock routers in your departments?Governements security decisions aren't exactly made on the same grounds as the general public's. Also, the USA government/agencies has/have recently been blamed for several virii, spyware on hard disks, backdoors in OSes and widely used software. As a decision maker, you would be...
also one of the most driven and hard working people, from what I've read...
That is a solution, undoubtedly. Don't open the door, because someone might house-invade, too.
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