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Mine's prepped for shipment with a shipment date range two weeks large. I wonder why, but I trust Apple ;)
 Keep hopes up ;)
Wait until some shops start advertising gold plating services ;)
I wonder what the point is. People who need one for testing will have made sure to get one on preorder day. Others clearly did not need one ten days ago, they don't need one today...
I hope this is a gross over exaggeration of an extreme caricature , because the opposite would be very sad and frightening about the future of our common species :/ (and somedays, yes, I'm wondering if it might not be the case). On the other hand, on a positive note, real life keeps teaching me to not underestimate "real people", all these other persons with rich, full lives out there, that actually exist even when I'm not there to check ;)
It's "her", I believe.
Same for me, but it's still the 21 only ^^
Here's an idea: reserve FM to community (non-profits, governments, universities) radios. Probably not a very American concept, but would serve the people much better than Fox News.
I side in favor of FM here. Radio is an extremely resilient way of conveying information with VERY LOW requirements for reception. Unless the Internet somehow eliminates earthquakes, pandemics, tsunamis, forest fires, volcanos and all these rare but cataclysmic events... I want my FM safety net.
For now, I'll wear my cheap, old, and trusty stainless steel Fossil to "the beach" (and other deserts), and my Apple Watch in "environmentally safe" circumstances, but I'd definitely be interested in improvements on watches like the WiThings Activité...
New Posts  All Forums: