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In other news, cheap supercar maker Lada is not going to support anything anytime soon. Seriously, what's a "costly supercar", compare to an "average" or "cheap" supercar? I'd hate to roam around in a cheap super car and have all my fellow super billionaires make fun of me
I don't even live in the same country my card is registered to (it's registered to the same bank my family has used for several decades). That kind of "protection" would automatically mean ApplePay is a dead end for me.
The patent, if too general, should be thrown out. Wonder why Apple did not attack the patent itself, then?
 If I was a big company, I'd set up an agreement with other big companies (in a perfectly legal fashion) to "invest in the future" so that young startups with great ideas, but, sadly, no infrastructure, might not suffer the fate of losing their patents.Which can also be seen as "I'd strong arm smaller companies into surrendering their ability to innovate". Good job, you destroyed the US economy by making invention non viable as a business. Not to mention you destroyed all...
That's a gross shortcutting of my point, man. Google's using the same tactics. Everyone is, because the rules are broken. Well, Amazon doesn't. They don't need to, they're innovative enough! /s I should make clear that I disagree with software patents, or DNA patents, not with patents per se, and with big companies, like Google or Apple, being able to just use whatever technique they want, whether or not someone holds a patent for that technique. I also believe that the...
Saying this is pretending that the concept of a pure research lab is worthless. it's essentially limiting the right to enterprise to people who have enough capital to operate an Industry Model, e.g. "products, employees, jobs, US presence".  It's quite obvious why this would be detrimental to the USA in the long (or even medium) run. If this was grounds for companies to automatically win, you would witness instant brain drain to Europe or Canada. However, it's unlikely to...
    I'll go against the trend here and say, it seems like this guy deserves to win. If this guy got these patents, then the USA say he deserves them. If these patents are infringed by Apple, then Apple must not win only because, like Microsoft a few years back, it has the finances to shut people up (and be a gangster? or was that a Korean company?). As to whether the patent system should allow patenting software or DNA (that's coming, we all know it)... that's another...
Could be worse. Justin Bieber is still active (some say he's still passive, but that's none of my business).
Make your own sausage man ^^I left it purposely unclear ;)
Very good point. Let me sue in Eastern Texas.
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