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Actually, Memory and Flash seem like bad bets to me. I get fast enough responses from my current iMac that the Mac Book Air doesn't seem blazing fast, nor even my sister's Mac Book Pro. Of course, the Mac Pro is quite another story, but I'd guess the processors play a higher role in this.So it's all about the video card option, and the processor upgrade to an i7 which seems... why would you want an i5 on a top end machine anyway?
I have a rule with Macs. I buy what I need now, not what I desire. It pays for itself fast enough that it works out, and if it doesn't I should not have bought it in the first place.
 I'm not complaining. Just imagine the reporting a bit better and you'll agree. Clue beneath: "NYT-WSJ reports that Apple's critical lack of success with the latest i*** required the company to buy back tumbling shares to try and support the market value. A report from IDC predicts a market share of only 2% by the end of the year".
@digitalclips In my own unenlightened opinion, the only question is "do people use Siri rather than G-Now". I don't use Siri for anything more than setting clocks. Even reminders regularly fail.  This is not what I'd like to see. Another very bad part of Apple's development process is multilingual support, especially with Siri (Europe means multiplicity of languages on a way higher level than America), and no "UK English versus US English" doesn't really qualify as...
Heh, I iSSH into the Mac Pro from the beanbags. I'm such a lazy guy ^^'Maybe I'll post a pic of the setup here :p
cool, works just fine in the Terminal (swift, then the interpreter kicks in). import Foundation takes like, a full second here :/
@sog35 you're right. The USA should offer US citizenship to every Chinese who asks. I mean, they never asked to live in a communist country, right? Also... I thought I read something about you leaving the Internet forever and going to be a monk in Thailand if no Apple TV Media Center 2014 Supreme Edition last week?
Apple has two "issues". One, if you look at their HQ... it's not that big compared to their market cap. Two, if you hire the most trustworthy out of the best in the world... that is not that many people. Though, I'd be happy to work within those lines if I was a CEO...
"Let the good times roll"... would work out better as "Prendre du bon temps" or "Profiter des bons moments", actually. Also, I'm a bit miffed to not have seen an iMac Monitor upgrade. I have a gorgeous Pro on the table that is connected to a DELL screen (a good screen, but ... iMac Retina... no... comparison... possible...)
Also, latest Xcode update brought Swift support to Mac apps for everyone, not just Beta-testers ^^
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