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Might be, I don't actually think i've ever been a lawyer specialised in Arkansas law ^^I do wonder though, because while it would make sense if FoxConn did that (they are foreign), "shipping to foreign" should not, logically, make you "a foreign company". Anyway, it doesn't matter, what does matter is that Apple gets tax rebates, which enable them to hire people, which is good.
We use multiple copies of CS6, which means Ai/Ps daily and occasionally InDesign, and UE4. The cost savings of staying on CS6 means we have been able to invest in Mac Pro instead of PC, at no loss of efficiency for our flow.
Nah, don't ruin the fun with intelligence please Phil ^^
You know, with an iWatch and a small wifi-camera and the processing power of an iPhone 6, you have enough hardware and power to make pretty interesting stuff happen... I think I need to talk to my boss.... See ya!
Patent this.
If they patent the idea, it falls under "obvious" and should be shot down. Hell, even Hollywood has had that one in forever.If they patent a way to implement it, perfectly fine by me, but I'd just look for another, slightly different, implementation... and it seems to me the description here is very imprecise, which should make the patent unworthy. The Patent System is broken from the point that anyone with a brain can devise things that get patented, and the only...
"Whining"? Surely you meant "disagreeing and expressing this with my wallet".As long as Adobe will push this ridiculous agenda of theirs, I'll be using their former products, or when technically required, the competition. CC will NOT have me as a customer if there is an option. Whining is uselessly complaining. I'm not doing that, I'm boycotting and saying so. Whining fails, boycotts hurt the bottomline of companies. As long as customers will have a choice, no breaks for...
Dinosaurs subscribed to AdobeCC? well, that sure explains things. How Adobe is proving anyone wrong? What I see is a company that runs "temporary special price" year-long since CC came out. Tells about how "wrong" people are. As for "great updates". Please. Gimme break. CSn used to have those updates until CSn+2, and it was LESS expensive overall.
Well, still, no subscription model ever, but Apple doesn't help us here by removing Pro tools. Do they think that App Store competition like Pixelmator or Sketch can mature fast enough to avoid CC being the only option on Mac, which for some people means a switch to the PC and its arguably better array of options?
1- "There is a reason and and none of those reasons have changed."  --> there is, or there are? I thought politicians knew one thing well, which is how to express themselves.   2- "thanks to its designation as a foreign trade zone" --> makes perfect sense, since Apple is a foreign... company... uh, what?
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