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ThNot what he said. It actually sounds pretty Jobsish... Trust in people who show trust etc.
I am. It is a tremendously huge company which does ships, planes, as much as phones.
April's fool is early in 2014.
Steganography is very cool, and there are quite a few FOSS tools that would serve them well. I doubt Apple is that paranoid though.
I am still not as satisfied with the new Pages as with the former one. I would however get MS Office just to cut having to boot Windows anytime the boss sends a VB-macro-formula-nuclear-hamster-powered-MS-thing.
When Apple does not remove half of the features overnight. I still feel the pain of spreadsheets turning empty.
DDepends on the sapphire quality. I would bet Apple intends to use top of the line.
Wait, what has sapphire glass... My watch. iWatch?
I still wish some rich person would get me the Surface immobile table for playing RUSE...
Only if you have à crush on her/him.
New Posts  All Forums: