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"Let the good times roll"... would work out better as "Prendre du bon temps" or "Profiter des bons moments", actually. Also, I'm a bit miffed to not have seen an iMac Monitor upgrade. I have a gorgeous Pro on the table that is connected to a DELL screen (a good screen, but ... iMac Retina... no... comparison... possible...)
Also, latest Xcode update brought Swift support to Mac apps for everyone, not just Beta-testers ^^
Indeed. The better option, money allowing, is Mac Pro + iPad with Logic Remote (or equivalent), but the ability to keep a SSH connection running in the background. I believed that iSSH had that ability though?
She doesn't get it? The suggestion she was a troll was funny, but that is just totally missing the point she was making. 
Definitely not. This is the definition of democracy. "Dictatorial power" might more be "an individual or junta" controlling the individual decisions of everyone else. Democracy is the government laying out rules for people to live together well, which includes their personal decisions if they conflict with other people's freedoms or security. See my previous comments about planes, cars, smoking etc.
In public zones, yes, most definitely. Actually, France wants to extend that not-limited-to-the-USA-ban to personal cars where children are on board. I think it complements Marvin's answer.
Kayak fishing tutorials?
Well, several big 3D modeler softwares require the numpad to work at maximum efficiency. Yesterday, I bought two new keyboards for my guys for exactly that reason. (Also, we have problems with the MacPro, and I have to say, the Irish support team is outstanding).
Actually, on an iMac, it's probably a tight sell on that last criterium. It is a SLOW component, for sure. Bulky, hell yes. Goes with cheap and TB-size, though. Reliable? SSD is not reliable for that long compared to a HDD. Of course, you want real reliability, you get microfilms, or slabs of granite that you engrave and store in a cave covered in nice and dandy clay.
I feel like saying "don't worry, he's thick enough". But he might find it a bad pun.
New Posts  All Forums: