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What's with the general troll behaviour lately? Between this, your comment about being too busy considering whether to announce his sexuality or not... Got bitten by some Samsung bug?
If you'd read the whole series, you might understand what I said. Or not. Who knows. 
Spin is a way to manipulate opinion to "sell" a given product or policy. I have no policy or product to sell right now, and to be honest, if I had I'd not do that on AppleInsider forums. Doesn't sound to me like a very good place to start selling anything ^^So "spin" there is not. An opinion, that you obviously disagree with, there is. Won't kill you to disagree with a random stranger, I assure you :)
I understand your position!
Anyway, I'll get the Watch itself. It seems a much better product to me, and it looks miles better...
Yes, you're likely correct! It would be pretty annoying to have several products, some of which are "more compatible" than others... Then again, you find things like EverNote on the Store, which requires an online account instead of using iCloud Drive (and possibly an iTunes-based subscription), so you can't really say Apple is consistent there...
As a user or as a stockholder, I don't see how you can NOT care about what "people" (e.g., customers, people-with-money-who-may-or-not-buy-products-and-contribute-to-profits-and-hence-more-products-get-it-now-or-are-you-asleep) think. I'm not taking of "I buy Android because I'm poor" people. I'm talking of high-revenue, exactly-Apple-target people.
Of course it does. Just like Microsoft has the right to bundle whatever software they want with their OS. /s Note, I partially agree with you. Of course Apple wants to showcase products that work 100% with their hardware, so do we, and that's what I expect as a user on their store. I'm just concerned about perception in a market where Apple is increasingly seen as the bully rather than the underdog. I was talking to a few friends (designers in advertisement and developers)...
I'm not convinced that Apple only sells in America. I would believe they'd have some kind of store somewhere in those irrelevant markets, Europe, Asia, South America etc.
New Posts  All Forums: