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If you owned one, you would not think that. Also, WatchOS2 is turning out very nicely, giving devs much nicer access. This release process reminds me of iPhone.
Yes, you have a very valid point, well explained.
Well, I expect that Apple can afford to take some financial risks that I or him can't, for one.Second, assuming that because Apple did the due diligence, there is no risk.... that's where we'd be lacking in ours. Example: maybe Apple decided that they need product X, and while there is a 60% chance that investing 5B in the only manufacturer of Product X means they lose 4B and recover 1B, such risk is acceptable because if Product X is delivered appropriately, then Apple...
That sounds like a very logical and appropriate definition, designed to adequately protect both parties...
That simple. I particularly find that https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Integrity_Staffing_Solutions,_Inc._v._Busk decision scary. A- Everyone here seems to agree that Apple lost to Amazon( or was it the DoJ... ahem) on the monopoly suit because Amazon is extremely good at power-playing politics. Seems obvious that these employees did not stand a chance where Apple didn't... right? B- If time spent by workers waiting to undergo anti-employee theft security screenings is not...
That's not exactly "due diligence", if you invested that much money only on "so I thought". And if you did do your due diligence, and made a mistake... it's your own fault.  Note: I'm not saying that the GTAT CEO is not a crook, I'm saying that the way you make it sound now is very slanted. Especially taking into account that you were pretty bullish on GTAT, unless I remember wrong? I however entirely agree with you that the GTAT CEO seems to have broken quite a few laws,...
Start a Kickstarter.
Not sure why. Who uses that? What for? Maybe I'm missing something?
Oh, OK. Well, thanks for clearing that up. It does go in all directions!
Amusing how Apple forces other companies to release in sub-efficient timeframes, because else they don't have a chance in hell
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