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3GS, 4S.Your turn.
Ass size, seating statistics, core move patterns and the revolutionary coccyx-safety control which calls 911 if you break the bone.
Kuo does a good job.Just because most X are bad does not make all Xs bad.
Who cares. Does not run Windows 8.
What a broken system where companies get to choose who is an adequate jury. Feels like W40K, deployment phase... Also, the jury who spent valuable months jurying for trial 1 must feel they lost a bit of their life for no reason, with another trial going on..
A iPod Touch with phone capability is an iPhone, by definition.A larger iPod Touch with phone capability is a Phablet iPhone, by definition. I don't think "with phone capability" fits here.
Could be a Windows machine at a workstation in a chinese plant. Ive doesn't do ALL the manufacturing alone, I hear. I call BS on this, or at least iPod Touch, but not because of XP. Also... MS is the worst D&D player in the world, so many years spent farming XP only to gain a useless level in Vista. Sad.
I wish guns, terrorism, war and such words were considered "not acceptable on TV at kid listening hours". But apparently, consensual f*cking is still way worse than invading, pillaging, killing and other fun stuff.
Or you could buy an iPhone and an iPad and make them MORE billions. Problem solved, business case sound, everyone happy.
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