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Microsoft Sirocco. Blows harder than even Vista. Apart from that, I understand the argument about PPT. It is, after, about convincing corporations to stay inside the .Net environment.
ISn't the Nexus 7 a Retina display with 8Gb at 200$? I think I read that...
Are you joking, or are you seriously doing drugs?
Paranoid much? Tallest Skil is often exasperating, but here he definitely did not.   If you want to get back at him anyway, just do it like that: "Tallest Skil, how do you like iPhone 5?"
I'll pass. I'm tremendously happy with my MBA 11 inches, and I'm waiting (with growing impatience) for the iMac 27 refresh.
ATT, Verizon and Sprint. Well known german providers. Ahem.
Heh. Heh heh. Heh heh heh. While I do find the suit somehow ridiculous, I absolutely love how the very same people who go all court-happy on Samsung suddenly find that, in this case, plain and stupid use of the law is bot appropriate.... because Apple would lose. @mrstep: a Corporation is not allowed to "just miss the fine print". Now, I've never really udertood why the ugly pictures. Maybe this will push Apple to have its own inhouse artists
Impossible: Samsung owns the patent on devices with a side longer than an adjacent side.                Only joking.
You seem to (voluntarily?) misunderstand. The 2y guarantee makes sure that if you open your batteries to find them flat 2 years after buying, they'll be replaced, as they should be. Guess what, the US also have laws, for example if you get sold an iPad and you actually get a Big Mac with fries, you can sue.
And obviously, the same reasoning you apply when considering why Samsung should respect US laws don't apply to why Apple should respect Italia's laws?   I'd say that by your own reasoning, banning Samsung products and suing Samsung "is complete idiocy". After all, the consumer knows he's not buying an Apple iPhone/iPad. <- "Oppa Gazoobee style"
New Posts  All Forums: