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What the hell is the point of the 64GB iPad? U no haz computer?   I personally believe the 32G iPad Wifi-only is the best choice, but of course, it's due to my personal requirements. That you have the top of the line gear from Apple's mobile lineup is great for you, and that you feel like bragging it on some forum probably says stuff about you too. However, please abstain from equating "having differing requirements" with "most people are cheap". It's somehow annoying,...
Patents. They only serve big business, it would seem? A U.S. judge ruled in favor of US defendants Apple, Intel and HP in a case asserted by a small UK technology firm; What a surprise. Waiting for all the people who bashed the British judge who required Apple to put a notice up on its website to come and bash the US judge. Oh, wait.
He was right. The fact synonyms used in a second interpretation are what you actually meant does not imply that you can use any slightly related word. Also, I'll reuse "Language Taliban", it's pretty cool.   Or maybe a Taal-iban.
  Irrelevant. If he lacks vision, screen size doesn't matter at all.         Sorry, couldn't help it.
9 square meters floor, two stories high (but top one is kind of cramped due to shower + bed). Welcome to Paris :D
How about having a real keyboard attached to an iPad? Could call that a Macbook Air or something :p
  The point of being an erarly adopter is to get stuff, well, early. You can't have the butter, the cream, and the dairy girl.
I can't get my gf to agree to upgrading to the 27 inches because "we don't have enough space". 40 inches? Never in this appartment.
Whoa, I hope that's not true. What a horrible world... sounds like some Blade Runner-like movie, really.
Or makes them look they believe in their product, which is rather positive for them, isn't it?   Disclaimer, I have both phones and I prefer the iPhone. However, I believe most people here only have one side of the story, and can't understand the other side might have some elemnts of truth. Not everyone is a thief or a liar... or delusional.
New Posts  All Forums: