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Whoa, so basically Apple should make sure not to follow laws, but Samsung should do the opposite. Some people here should be ashamed of their logical processing units...
They're very high quality tablets. I have one right here, and two iPads, and an iPhone 4, and an iPhone 5. Oh, and a MBA-BTO (full maxed specs).I can tellyou, the Nexus doesn't look out of place, it's an excellent machine.   Sometimes, you know, it doesn't hurt to say that other people than Apple can do things right.
Cheap ass person 3 buys no tablet, but Apple Stock instead, and watches the price go up.
Blackberrry also does that once in a while, why all the whine on Apple?
I don't particularly insult people personally, so I decided not to do it.   For your information, I consider the fact that you just wrote my antenna issues with iPhone 4 were "made up bullshit" as a personal insult, as you just called me a liar, and a bad one at that. In a world (happily) gone by, I'd have gotten the choice of weapons over that.
Why do people seem to like the white one better? The black one is imho nicer, and well, it's easier on the eyes to look at a black enclosure than at a white one???
Remind me not to work for you either. Everything of value, indeed...
I approve
Just wow. You forgot to add some lines about being homo, black and Jew.   Android is a great system, which allows programming in a great language (Java). While I can do Java as well as OC, and do, while I have a Mac, an iPad and work on GS3/Nexus 7, I find perfectly OK that people prefer, say, Win8. That's called "open minded".   I would not choose to work for someone who can't understand that if you prefer same-sex partners or another type of smartphone, it is your...
Champagne's not Soda, it's double-fermentation wine. My 2 cents.
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