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It works great indeed, but the question is "how does the autolearning adapt to multiple keyboards active" :D
Bring it on... I don't care if it's 500€, I will buy...   Nota: I hate it, Retina or not, but my lovely lady wants one. Her wishes are my command ;)
I remember someone drove an old lady in an Apple Store.
Let op, PhilBoogie... Aluminium is met een "i" geschreven ;) Of course, I'm French, so I can't understand anyone using another spelling ;)
"Colorado law gives the original owner the right to take back the products, even if the owner did not know the goods were stolen at the time of purchase." Also true in France. I don't know how this can be made fair either way, as Apple having only a glass door should be considered sloppiness and hence it's "fair" they lost their property (arguably, debatable, just pressing on my idea that someone gets shafted in the deal anyway). Is Apple's insurance going to refund them...
@tallest skill : I use a mophie juicepack currently. Also, going to an Apple store and looking at demo iPhones... nah, not getting one and carrying it caseless. Too many scratches in a secred environment like a store to survive my pockets.
Talking about that, latest update on my iPhone has caused an irritating behavior that Wifi only runs if I'm actively using the phone. Makes receiving email an annoying process, instead of having a "ding" sound to warn me, I now have to go and check myself... Any idea if it's a bug (hence, just wait for solve), or a feature (hence, complain, pray, or buy SamsungWhateverphone)...
611 comments to go?
This ^   I was several times in Paris' Apple Stores (three of them) and service was dismal, due to massive amounts of people, and insufficient salesmen/Geniuses. I'm not alone to have had issues, and several of these people bought non-Apple hardware due to "DELL's service, at least, is stellar". YMMV, but fact is they left and are not coming back any time soon...
@drobforever they need to have more guys dedicated to customer support. Right now, it's a scandal to be under AppleCare, have your machine useless due to whatever, and be told "you can have a meeting with a Genius in three weeks". What the Hell, Apple, step your game up!
New Posts  All Forums: