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XP actually could shutdown while keeping the graphics card running. I have a friend who ended up with a nice hole in his motherboard, graphics card and soundboard (which pretty much meant changing the whole machine anyway).
This, I did not know at all. Apple needs to put huge signs in the Apple Store to make it obvious (but won't because it's ugly).
Note that streets anyway need to be redone every 30 years or so, more often in high traffic zones. It does depend on the place and conditions (here in the Netherlands, I can't even understand how the people tolerate the awful pavements... then again, they don't walk, they drive or cycle), like heavy rain tropical zones will clearly need higher maintenance, seismic zones also, but apart from these extreme cases, 30 years seems to be an admitted timespan.   I do believe...
I thought that this was quite obvious from his post ^^
A- That's what makes it a good product; B- You're right, but that's also why iPad is a perfect tool for 90% of people. Others are better off with a MacBook XXX Note: Ridiculousestissimus.
Kind of things that happen when you're using your weaker hand to type.
DED isn't known for his sense of measure... but at least, he doesn't love Microsoft.
Yes, indeed. Very hard to sell a tablet with more SD... No way anyone else can pull it off.   Quote: Originally Posted by AppleInsider   critics have complained that the smaller form factor iPad didn't deliver an sharp enough screen to attract customersCritics have actually complained that the smaller form factor iPad doesn't deliver a sharp enough screen, end of story. Adding "to attract consumers" knowing it sold nonetheless is making a baseless point to hide a very...
Professionals maybe? Or people who can't live without checking AppleInsider and download TS's pictures several times a day?
My 15€/mo "expensive data plan" would like to disagree, Michael.
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