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They're not dead, after that? Then again, FaceBook is still alive. Not using any of them, I have to say.
Please add URLs when you quote obscure people...
And they'll find out it is. Even if the cheaper customers don't, it will just make the iPhone keep its elite status instead of becoming everyone's phone, allowing Apple to sell it at higher prices than the razor thin margin prices of the competition.
What is a wind zone???
I find it funny as hell. Too bad I don't buy phones based on how funny ads are.
Great, the stock is going to tank!
Damned. I never get to use those pitchforks...
Actually, correction: real nerds built Macs.  
Is that a logo for a sperm donations company? Apart from that, S-camper-com, where's your lawn, I feel an urge to come so you can tell me to get off it
New Posts  All Forums: