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/me might be stupid, but I feel you're nitpicking. Working as a lawyer maybe IRL? Apart from that, I can't see any other professional excuse :p
30%. 'nuf said.
or are they BASED on recent rumors?
    Or he might just have had enough and he doesn't want the top job? I'd retire too, if I had the money :D
I'd rather see "SEC launches enquiry on analysts manipulating prices"
Common sense actually makes you rich, if I read Warren Buffett right.
Is that another US-only comparison? Here in Europe, it's the exact opposite... Well, anyway, I'm not buying any HP/Dell, but I have 7 Dells in a 2m radius right now (Latitude ones) and my girlfriend used to have one which lasted about 8 years. Her HP lasted about two years, and she hated pretty much 20 months of that. She now runs an ASUS EEEPC, lovely little unpretentious netbook which fits in her handbag and does the heavy lifting on the iMac, but while she could...
Make it happen.
As Apple guidelines invite developers to...
Not sure who Dewey is, but I know Linnaeus...
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