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  Irrelevant. If he lacks vision, screen size doesn't matter at all.         Sorry, couldn't help it.
9 square meters floor, two stories high (but top one is kind of cramped due to shower + bed). Welcome to Paris :D
How about having a real keyboard attached to an iPad? Could call that a Macbook Air or something :p
  The point of being an erarly adopter is to get stuff, well, early. You can't have the butter, the cream, and the dairy girl.
I can't get my gf to agree to upgrading to the 27 inches because "we don't have enough space". 40 inches? Never in this appartment.
Whoa, I hope that's not true. What a horrible world... sounds like some Blade Runner-like movie, really.
Or makes them look they believe in their product, which is rather positive for them, isn't it?   Disclaimer, I have both phones and I prefer the iPhone. However, I believe most people here only have one side of the story, and can't understand the other side might have some elemnts of truth. Not everyone is a thief or a liar... or delusional.
Fanboy piece much.
@pedromartins: because obviously, everyone at Apple/Sharp is good and nice, and nobody at Samsung is. Makes perfect sense.
No they can't. That's the core issue with Apple's system. If they sell this, it has to be "at the same price including 30% tax". That's why it's a monopolistic issue.   You want in onto the iOS platform, you have to pay 30% to Apple on anything (subscription or virtual goods) sold through your app. I expect this to be stricken down by courts in a few years, when something better from another company is at last here and the problem is not relevant anymore, like IE6 for...
New Posts  All Forums: