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India is an interesting market. I still don't get why everyone's so interested in China. India's the same size (1.1B/1.3B) roughly... and speaks "Engrish".
Now that's a useful patent.   How the patent office can both award patents for useful techniques and "tap to zoom" or "slide to unlock" baffles me.
Patenting the zoom. Okay.
You know, for Apple to innovate, it seems to always take around 7 years. I wouldn't be surprised if there was some logical business rule, like 2 years of R&D and design, one year of market disruption (people deny the point of the new object until it sells millions), 4 years of iterative progress and then standard-mode-on. Or maybe 5 years of R&D,2 years of design and 1 year of testing, and the rest of it doesn't count since Apple's already innovated and will just iterate...
So the fact that Samsung copies a dumb move by Apple makes the dumb move not dumb?   Wait... what?
Can you actually in any way influence that? I'd be ready to pay a little more (not upto 50% more, though) to get not-assembled-in-China stuff.
1- Where the hell is the text from the quote gone. AppleInsider, your quote feature sucks. 2- "Now are product choices are low end and crazy high end. Very disappointing."   _Really._   Low end: Mini. Medium range: 21 iMac, lowest 27 iMac High range: maxed out iMac (3300€, that's starting to be serious money, you can buy a few camels for that price and start your own visit-the-egyptian-temples business for that money. Or something else.) Very high-range: Maxed out...
1_ I disagree. 2- You work at C|net?
4. The left article is a MBA hit.
That's actually wise. Even on the MBA, pulling from a 100% flash disk can feel slow (but it might be Mountain Lion that sucks). Switching from Office to Photoshop to XCode to Firefox to Excel to Eclipse -- possibly to EVE if I feel so inclined -- yes, I do that routinely) can feel annoyingly slow.
New Posts  All Forums: