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Maybe TS will make a photoshop of that...
Haven't left my 4 yet. Got the latest Mini, the Air... but elongated iPhone? Nah. Obviously some time will come where I'll have to switch, probably soon due to iOS 8 being unlikely to run smooth on 4... but It's still so awesome. Please.
So over three years, it's actually more expensive than Office used to be. For Enterprise. Nicely done, MS.
Why would Apple hire someone who can't be trusted? I mean, he gave his word he'd stay, and in the same breath he was negotiating with Apple? In a period where ALL employees were denied promotions, he got special treatment, and then he breaks his word? Sounds like someone I would trust, right. As someone at some company said "I told Steve Jobs we aren't working on a browser. I didn't mention our Firefox fork." (or equivalent words). People who lie cannot be trusted,...
Agreed, but this is exactly the reason why the DoJ is after them. Yes, it would have been disruptive. Yes, it brings security/trade secret issues. No, you can't start doing that kind of things, because it's one of the strengths of capitalism, the very doctrine that enabled those giants to be giants in the first place...
I'm far from being paid that, but I beg to disagree. If your value to the company is 200 bucks an hour and they pay you 75, you have higher weight of outrage than one that is paid 10 and has a value of 11.
Well, end of gaming on the couch.This means, the mouse is back.Also, that quote feature is horrible on iPhone. I guess no user of Ai uses iPhone...,
I hope this gets counted by analysts as a case where iOS is insecure.     I mean, poor Android. Looks so alone in those malware figures.
ThNot what he said. It actually sounds pretty Jobsish... Trust in people who show trust etc.
I am. It is a tremendously huge company which does ships, planes, as much as phones.
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