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 I'm curious which one I'll get. The gold is clearly out of my ability to spend, but the steel one looks very tempting compared to the Sport. I guess I'll decide based on price :) I don't caaaaaaaaare. I want the Waaaaaaaaaatch already ;)Also, I want a refresh to the MacPro, but it'll have to wait a bit, I suppose.
You're almost there. It's the Apple iGenie, which solves all of your problems for only $notthatmuch.
Yeah, it's likely bizpolitics, but you can't be sure there is no reasonable security doubt at play.
  Because, if you were the Chinese Government, you would not do the same?Let's ask the question differently... Would you, as the US IT decision maker, put Huawei stock routers in your departments?Governements security decisions aren't exactly made on the same grounds as the general public's. Also, the USA government/agencies has/have recently been blamed for several virii, spyware on hard disks, backdoors in OSes and widely used software. As a decision maker, you would be...
also one of the most driven and hard working people, from what I've read...
That is a solution, undoubtedly. Don't open the door, because someone might house-invade, too.
I think these outdated stands will soon be far in the past. While I don't like Google's Glass, we go towards a world where you WILL record your life for obvious security reasons, just like a lot of drivers already have a dashboard cam. I know three different friends who got mugged or otherwise attacked at concerts. In the near future, not recording will actually be the exception, not the rule, and artists who try to protect their work this way will get sued for...
I am extremely curious how the marital life of a world famous director is related to the quality of the ad he directed.
Being a CEO's easy. Go to the KvK, declare your BV, voilà, you're a CEO.Being a good and successful CEO, now... that's quite another matter.If this guy thinks he can give lessons to Tim Cook, he's probably wrong. However, I'm pretty curious what he actually said. Too often does the press report only inaccurate or incomplete statements from people.
Funky Business Forever by Ridderstråle and Nordström advises focusing on exactly this, though. High profit, long-term niche markets.
New Posts  All Forums: