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Awesome. Why did I not think of that myself ^^
Can I sue Apple for the amount of stress they cause me by announcing an announcement so un-necessarily early? /s
Wordpress, Locomotive or SPIP are common blog engines.iStockPhotos and ShutterStock are common stock photo providers.Adobe will sell rent you a totally not overpriced suite for editing images and much more.Rode will sell you awesome recording hardware, and SublimeVideo or Youtube/Vimeo will allow you to host vidcasts. Enjoy being a "remarkably accurate web-analyst with insider connections"! Lightknight Consulting Services (just kidding)
Location of brlawyer: Switzerland. Nuff said.
Yeah, I agree with that. My personal desires won't have any kind of impact on timespace or Apple's timeline anyway 
Maybe it's about Spring? Apple iSpring, a revolutionary new season!
I think you're right. I still find it a bit ridiculous, though. To me it feels like Gold Mercedes and Gold iPad and Gold Lamborghini: http://www.carscoops.com/2015/01/gold-plated-lamborghini-aventador-is-1.html Elegance is understatement, and gold is not understatement, now, is it? I wonder which one Sir Ive will use ^^
 I'm curious which one I'll get. The gold is clearly out of my ability to spend, but the steel one looks very tempting compared to the Sport. I guess I'll decide based on price :) I don't caaaaaaaaare. I want the Waaaaaaaaaatch already ;)Also, I want a refresh to the MacPro, but it'll have to wait a bit, I suppose.
You're almost there. It's the Apple iGenie, which solves all of your problems for only $notthatmuch.
Yeah, it's likely bizpolitics, but you can't be sure there is no reasonable security doubt at play.
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