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 I don't see people wanting an 8GB entry model... As I said, I don't think the price of the 5C is wrong, I think the 5S should not have the 16GB version at all, or even the 32.
Well, I'm not interested in the 5c whatsoever, nor anyone I know. For only 100euros more (since Apple's dollar is worth one euro, for some reason), I can get a 5s. Why would I get the lower end? I do feel Apple should have not done the 5s in the two lower prices. It should only be the most expensive one, for lower prices get the 5c. Then again, Apple's in charge and they should know better than I, right.
 On that, I can only agree ^^'
So much for anyone who bashed IT teams right?
 Yeah, because Apple needs pinolo to go to the Apple Store over new year. Seriously, you did not get the memo titled "How to make pinolo happy during his NYC trip"? Apart from that, is reuters reporting on a rumor that would make another rumor less likely?
DED... Drugs are bad, y'know?
Good one!
 That's cheap. For a phone of that quality with that amount of features.
I personally find that there is a war going on, and only the French and the Japanese are really aware of that war. It's a war to protect your language, your culture, and your way of thinking. Of course, it stems from the fact I have the basics of 8 languages (Hindi, Russian, Japanese, German, Dutch, French, English, Italian), pretty different ones at that. My strong belief is that languages shape the way you think, and therefore protecting your language is protecting your...
 Well, that's a pretty fun idea, as long as it stays in the world of irony. Please don't shout it too loud, please, as someone might hear it and make it a reality :/ For iPad I'd say iTablette. Maybe iTable, since Moses came down the mountain with the Law of God on stone Tables... Scary idea ;)
New Posts  All Forums: