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I bet on "almost everyone". Join the party at developer.apple.com :p
I hope you're right and I'm wrong. I feel such a bad vibe coming from this guy... he scares me.
Hell yes, that's so true. Even presenting at a small venue is bloody hard. I've done that and I hope all copies are gone, because I'm feeling ill just remembering it. Only thing that soothes me is.... since I was bad, people probably forgot all about me. It seems people only remember the good presentations, since what's the point of using brain power for failures? Fact, the "social systems" use the same nerve controls as the "pain systems" in the body, which explains while...
That's a very, very interesting view. Might be a bit "conspiracy theory", but I want to believe this. I prefer wildly an apple that whipped out a boring presentation after a product failed to deliver on time (shit_happens) to an Apple that thinks Apple Music is a game changer worthy of taking the stage at a developer event...
I agree with all that. I was particularly unimpressed by two presenters, the Apple Pay lady who seems to believe she works for HSBC (I mean, can you deliver a more corporate talk ever? I don't think so) and the Apple Music guy (Iovine) who, pardon my English, sounds f***g sleazy to me. "My great friend Eddy", "connect fans and artists" etc etc. Sweet Jesus. I've heard men speak that way before. It's always resulted in horrible datamining and money grabbing operations....
Why did they use a smartphone in the first place instead of a professional camera and the appropriate setup? Are they that cheap?
1,2,3: agreed4: no. Just no. I'm sad.
Oh, great. Apple's now copy-pasting bad Microsoft features like split-mode...
Same here, Duracell batteries leaked and destroyed a wireless Apple keyboard.
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