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People often fail to realize this. While I do think Samsung should have been punished, I still think Apple was not the one to be wronged. What Samsung copied is not an implementation detail (or prove that they stole code or blueprints...). They copied a look, therefore damaging the general public, making the layman incorrectly believe that their Galaxy phones were iPhones (seen Galaxy phones sold as "a cheaper iPhone" at phone dealerships...), or at best an acceptable...
Well, that's a nice and interesting explanation. AI is like Discovery Channel, only Apple related
Sealed the fate.Had to read your comment to figure his out, thought he meant Microsoft were finally trustworthy... Since others like the OS
I am tempted... Are any important caveats to be known? I want it for playing games tbh, because only 37% of my library runs on Mac :/
As a developer, I agree. I do think though that you underestimate the amount of work that goes in a game, since I've never met anyone who does and isn't himself a gamedev, but curation is good. What I am afraid of, here, is more of the "rules are rules, you undeserving puny dev! / Oh, Mister Disneymarvelcocanike, how are you? Yeah, those rules, they're like, guidelines, don't over stress about it" which seems to have happened quite a lot in a few years, looking at the...
I was wondering if the roof was not going down on the picture of the fire? To me it looks exactly like what you are explaining?
Voltage is not energy, that's what Joules are for, isn't it?If I remember it right, a sufficiently large coil with sufficient amperage can hold enough energy to fry you, even at 70V...Of course, I never was very good at electricity magic, but I don't think I'm too wrong here?
Easy. That's for gassing Samsung paratroopers if they make it to the second line of defence. Last week they had to use the flamethrowers, it seems...That's a joke, ok?
For 120 pop a year, you can buy 110 songs that you will keep, or 50 albums at 6,00 (patience helps), or 12 months of radio. Everyone may choose their option (in the U.S.), but I know mine and Beats has no connection to it!
I hope I did not use the wrong word? I did not mean it as a personal criticism, I was disagreeing with your point. Saarek said pretty much what I think
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