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April's fool is early in 2014.
Steganography is very cool, and there are quite a few FOSS tools that would serve them well. I doubt Apple is that paranoid though.
I am still not as satisfied with the new Pages as with the former one. I would however get MS Office just to cut having to boot Windows anytime the boss sends a VB-macro-formula-nuclear-hamster-powered-MS-thing.
When Apple does not remove half of the features overnight. I still feel the pain of spreadsheets turning empty.
DDepends on the sapphire quality. I would bet Apple intends to use top of the line.
Wait, what has sapphire glass... My watch. iWatch?
I still wish some rich person would get me the Surface immobile table for playing RUSE...
Only if you have à crush on her/him.
Waiting to see the same people who complains she's a traitor-asian, whatever-insult-pleases-them, suddenly forgetting whatever they said because the decision is this time in Apple's favor. I'm happy I'm not her, the amount of hate is too high for me whenever people start feeling companies are a kind of church gathering...
Stupid kids... Let's hope they don't land themselves into too much trouble. Teenage stupidity can really ruin a whole life...
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