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This is not correct. It is a widely held thought, though, but it is not correct. The reason why pork/shellfish is considered not casher/halal is because ruminant animals should have cloven feet, but not non-ruminants. Pig's not ruminant, therefore it doesn't fit in the classification, therefore it comes from the demon.It's a stupid reason that itself comes from Ancient Egypt, from my understanding, but not from health reasons. Shellfish, likewise, belong to two domains,...
You could also be asexual, bisexual, or somewhere else on the sliding scale. Why should we put humans in a box based on a 6000 years old tradition, later put in written form by politicians (yes, the Bible (Old Testament) was designed to enforce the rule of the Kings of Israel, at a point when Israel was a world power)? 
Heard of America? It's a place where the NSA, a local enforcement agency of sorts, has a complaint about Apple putting children at risk for not allowing them to read all iMessages. "This puts kids at risk" is often a very clear sign you're trying to force in some rule/law that should not be there. But not always. That's what we have a critical mind for.
Impressive! Also, I believe it's incorrect to state there is a fiduciary obligation to shareholders. Unless I'm remembering my (admittedly pretty weak and faraway in past) stock market courses, a shareholder vote session is all you need to confirm a CEO's position, even if said position has a negative impact on the share value.
I totally agree!I believe there is another elephant in the room though, which is the one raised by Branson. USA != World.In other words, how will  Russia, Islamic Republics and other potentially unit-gay, anti-women countries react to this news? Will Apple be kicked out of Putinland? I just checked and Wikipedia states China is pro-gay, with the state media having already favorably covered gay weddings. I'm impressed.Anyway, my point here is, women might be "almost equal"...
Well, I can only tell you about my friends' experience, not about the statistical situation. I guess only the government knows that? Anyway, I wasn't bashing on the Swiss, it's a nice country with nice people, and some of my friends even married Swiss people, so I don't have much of a choice anyway. Friends are too precious to let any kind of prejudice take control ;) I especially like Basel [out of the Fasnacht (how noisy can it get during? Too noisy for me, for sure).] I...
Lol, I sure hope I'm not a contrarian!Also, I agree with you on that!
Actually, gender can be changed nowadays. And, at the cost of sounding even more insane than I already do... I believe that some day, we'll also be able to change race. We'll switch bodies like we switch clothing nowadays, staying forever young, but not forever male and caucasian, or female and asian, or whatever combination suited you the previous day.
I did not mean that much to be honest, just the fact that being a woman is grounds enough to be discriminated against, which is pretty clear from the data that came out through gamer gate.  Quite obviously, in the western world, gay people are still discriminated more violently against than women are, but discrimination against women is subtle and vicious. Your scientific article might be refused when a man's would have been accepted. Your chance of being hired might be...
Ewww. I'm afraid this falls under "irreconcilable differences". Enjoy your day, I'll enjoy my night. And then I'll go back to my gay friendly company and enjoy my day, knowing that thankfully, people who risked their lives and sometimes lost it to make our world better have earned me this environment. Kudos to them, not to you.
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