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Exactly my point. If it kills the MBA line, I really need to upgrade to the latest MBA with all options. Mine anyway is close to three years old now.If they keep one around, then it depends on which one they keep ^^
I quite agree with this, except the rMBP doesn't have the kind of graphics card I'd need in my job anyway, which forces me to have both a station and a mobility device. I run an iPad and a MacBook Air, on top of an iMac and a Mac Pro (trashcan model). The rMBP is massively over-expensive as a solution to "enough USB ports".  I wonder though if Apple might come out with another product line here? It might be that some high end people want a very small MBA at a really high...
I'm saying that *like me* a lot of Apple users will have very new (my iPhone 6 + is not even a month old) devices that require USB.I may of course be totally wrong about this, but I can't see tremendous amounts of people preferring a marginal amount of mobility gain over flexibility. There is of course the option of carrying some kind of adapter, but you'd lose the mobility gain and add clunkiness. Besides, I've always chosen mobility in devices, from Thinkpads to MBAs and...
With the amount of USB devices I have and use, among which, the iPhone 6+ and iPad themselves... Not buying this.
This can mean a lot of things. 
Damned. I actually logged in just to make this particular jibe ^^
Yes to the idea. No to the words. If you could care less, then you care. What you mean is "I could not care less."No charge for this complimentary service. It is the pleasure of Grama Nadzee Inc.
You know that this kind of comment might be misread as a threat?
Thanks for enlightening me
How would you go on holiday abroad, or store your undeclared assets in a foreign fiscal paradise, heh?
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