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Microsoft's Nokia takes a leaf out of Microsoft's book? Surprising. You'd almost believe that they were "bought".
@kibitzer : problem solved: http://www.sotemo.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/5e06319eda06f020e43594a9c230972d/f/i/file_9_19.jpg
Autocorrect fail :pI assure you lawyers are no ethnic group.
Imagine if Samsung gets a patent it shouldn't, Samnunsg (totally not Samsung TM) challenges, challenge gets rejected, patent is reinstated.Now Apple wants to challenge it, but according to your rule: " no other challenges can be made once overturned".
In the meantime, 800 000 Samswatches sold. 'nuff said.
And that's why #movember is important. Colon cancer may not be as "sexy" as breast cancer, but it kills you just as dead. Grow a moustache and fund research!
And Steve Ballmer? He must have been afraid: the head of his research labs had died :p
Ah, an Apple user base member :p
People still use the swipe system? Oh, wait,it's American, and the USA never swallowed the fact that chipcards mean French Technology
Surely all watches are wearable, else they're called "clocks". But again, I'm technologically illiterate
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