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Interesting fact. The timing of XP's end of life might play a role in these "forced updates", but then again, how many big businesses run in-house flavours of Windows anyway? I sure have seen several. As for the iPad, that's my point exactly ^^
Entirely true. They would be stupid to base decisions involving millions (or any money, for that matter) based on a statistical rule that has been true in the past. However, Windows 8, like all previous even number releases, is a flunk. It's unlikely this one gets chosen after that rigorous process you describe.
It's just a cost to running operations in China. They sell for billions of smartphones in Greater China, and on top of that they get cheap labor for building them. A "small" check to the appropriate officials and "blatantly-infringed" companies doesn't matter on the grand scale of things. Also, if you look at business in Europe, Russia, America... you know, we're talking of places where "interesting" things like Monsanto, l'Oreal, or British Petroleum (oh, them. I don't...
@gatorguy This might be just to word things in a chinese-friendly way. Cook understands their need to "save face".
I strongly doubt that. Any business worth its IT department, advisor, consultant or in-house semi-geek knows the even rule: Microsoft does bad odd-number OSes, and worse even-number OSes. So tmo, it's "Windows 7/9 will be 'good enough'", rather than 8. You're welcome to correct me if you have other information, but anything by IDC or Gartner doesn't count, obviously. *They* think iPad is probably finally going to come out of that unexpected turn of events where fools...
Wonderful work. Don't forget that all the work that Apple does here with the LiquidMetal guys is reusable by them for any non-tech-industry related uses, such as, Space Race, Lifesaving rovers, farm drones or whatever else. I foresee here tremendous improvements to life quality in the future.
1- "at a competitive price"2- international ship maintenance is a known issue (examples abound, Erika among them)3- as long as CEOs won't get life sentences for having put the general public at risk, including pollution risk, this will stay a Wall Street enforced situation4- and why did the terrorists of 9/11 not just blow one of these up? That would have been spectacular.France, Germany or the USA can build them, secure and safe. But not cheap. This is in the end why the...
First, given the ridiculous cost of owning a smartphone with contract, a lot of people actually buy them outright and find a less expensive package. Second, in many countries, voice messages end up MASSIVELY more expensive than texts, if nothing else because you pay to send them, and the listener pays to listen to them. Note: I don't. Not that my provider is good, but I just don't bother. You wanna tell me something, you text or email.
I hope the system can adapt to your language, else it will be entirely useless to me.I work in a four-language environment, routinely text/email in Dutch, French, English and German. Learning Russian too, and given the accents in Russian, I can envision non-natives having tremendous issues with getting Siri to recognise their words.
Title lacks "rumoured". Nothing in the text says more than "hey, we has picture and it looks like metal".
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