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You're right, but I don't understand how it counters anything I said? In France and the NL, as you say, any device capable of storing music is subject to the tax, whatever the use you ultimately make of it. It raises interesting questions and parallels. An outrageous, but still valid, parallel would be making everyone serve a small prison sentence anytime somebody kills someone else, on the grounds that there is a small social responsibility of everyone, collectively...
  That's a weird combination of quotes.  Just claim you uploaded the file from a country where it is legal to do so. The whole legal system for music files is broken anyway since there is no international database, nor any standard rule agreed on by everyone. From the paying user's, perspective, how come I "own" a CD with a track, the same track bought again in iTunes, and the same track paid again in Steam, and I can give the song to my son when it's a CD, but not the...
Maybe they have a good reason to ban Monster though. I'm getting curious. It does sound so "low blow", as currently reported... Doesn't sound Apple.
Yes, of course they can, but that's precisely a political position here. My view is that as long as quality levels are met, who makes an accessory doesn't matter, and shouldn't matter. If the MFI program is just a program for "companies who are friends with apple", I hope people will just start ignoring the "Made for iPhone" sign and buy whatever is advertised as "Tested for iPhone by independent labs"... Also, reading about Iovine reinforces my bad feeling about having a...
For one, you should exercise restraint about calling others "prejudiced". Especially about Apple.Second, quite frankly, your view of the world is to me an extreme, privileged, capitalist one. I prefer a more socialist approach, where huge juggernauts with firing power cannot abuse that firing power in the pursuit of their own interest. It doesn't have any relationship to the platform, since it should engulf all of the makers. Whether Apple, Microsoft, Oracle, Adobe, or...
Note how 19$ seems to be 29 EUR :p
I guess indeed, but that's precisely the kind of things that scare me with Apple.I'm all for Apple enforcing that licensing agreement, but only in the sake of quality (adhering to the standard). When it crosses the line is when "business practices" get involved in what should only be a technical matter. Trains that follow regulations can ride on the tracks, whether or not the train maker is involved in a legal fight with the track maker.
I don't know. I don't like Monster, but while I can understand why "mutually beneficial" doesn't work anymore when A sues B, I do find a bit weird that "Made for iPhone" depends on Apple thinking your product benefits their end goals, not their product itself. Is it "Made for iPhone"? Yes. They said so earlier. They should not be able to change their mind, else what does it mean? Nothing.
That's a developer-side thing, if I remember well.
I bet on "almost everyone". Join the party at developer.apple.com :p
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