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Because Cook is the programmer-cum-designer-cum-adcreator-cum-hardwareguy-cum-ceo at Apple.Impressive guy. Or maybe you're just drunk.
It's not a sect, nor a church. It's a tech company that may or may not deliver a product as good as their advertisement says it is. In that respect, as it took three years to fix this irritating issue, it was NOT as good as the ads say. It did not "just work".
I sort of agree, but I raise a Freddie Mercury. "Gay as a daffodil" and deeply in love with his wife, as well as his partner. I'd use "sexual orientation" to define the gender you're primarily attracted to (people who are disgusted by the other gender seem to me to have some clinical problem, but you're welcome to hate me for this). Romantic preference would define who you're in love with, and sexual preference... well, I'm not sure, but I find the word a bit offensive,...
Ever visited God's bathroom?
 Seems that's where it's due indeed ;) One thing I find a bit sad with the Internet is the fact everyone is so far away. Would be nice to have some way to share a BBQ with everyone, with all the arguments shared/fought. Of course, you'd have to put a good meat stack away to feed the trolls (these things get hungry), and maybe some bouncers to keep the most vehement sides apart ^^
It does seem to be the one announced by Christ though. As usual, religion is just as complex as human beings, and hence just as cruel, but also just as generous. Anyway, having today discovered a story (through the National Post, so... worth whatever the Post is...) where the Canadian founder of an asylum house for beaten up men suicided after being harassed by feminists (Earl Silverman), stating that he was a former victim and had been treated like a criminal. In his...
Are you going to make a SolipsismZ at some point? Also... isn't it a bit self-defeating to have multiple Solipsisms? (That one's been bugging me for _SO_ long...)
This is not correct. It is a widely held thought, though, but it is not correct. The reason why pork/shellfish is considered not casher/halal is because ruminant animals should have cloven feet, but not non-ruminants. Pig's not ruminant, therefore it doesn't fit in the classification, therefore it comes from the demon.It's a stupid reason that itself comes from Ancient Egypt, from my understanding, but not from health reasons. Shellfish, likewise, belong to two domains,...
You could also be asexual, bisexual, or somewhere else on the sliding scale. Why should we put humans in a box based on a 6000 years old tradition, later put in written form by politicians (yes, the Bible (Old Testament) was designed to enforce the rule of the Kings of Israel, at a point when Israel was a world power)? 
Heard of America? It's a place where the NSA, a local enforcement agency of sorts, has a complaint about Apple putting children at risk for not allowing them to read all iMessages. "This puts kids at risk" is often a very clear sign you're trying to force in some rule/law that should not be there. But not always. That's what we have a critical mind for.
New Posts  All Forums: