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"Human rights" is political by nature. I'm flabbergasted at the way people now use the word "political". Hell, anything that concerns the public sphere, the management of the "polis", is "political". Human rights are political. Gay rights are political. Any rule applied by a government, a "law" or a "decree" or a "treaty", is "political". Anything that causes public debate and could transform into a law or decree or treaty is political. That simple.
Also, you being in Switzerland... I have many friends earning high salaries there who have to live in Germany/France because so many Swiss will only rent to Swiss people. Discrimination is an evil that hides everywhere.
Americans make too much out of it, but that's exactly why he decided he had to share it with the world. Also, being French, I was ashamed when my country had the whole gay marriage debate and so many people showed to still harbor such outdated, medieval thoughts. Cook's declaration force these people to crawl back in their holes instead of pretending that "normal people aren't gay" and all that crap.
I wish you were wrong, but I'm very afraid. There is a study about that indian city in the US desert somewhere that went empty, and it basically says "as years went by, two communities formed that started disposing each other up to the point they self-destroyed through civil war". Maybe we're just a broken species that evolved wrong somewhere...
@rogifan I think they: 1- know each other 2- are friends. I don't think Clinton knows you, does he?   Also, @auxio if you look up #gamergate on google, you'll find being a straight woman is grounds for discrimination.   Little white male rant coming up: Actually, even being WHITE MALE is grounds for discrimination, like being a white male farmer in West Africa. Few are still there, most left losing everything. We humans aren't very good with not discriminating the...
I believe that you can't refuse paper money stamped by the United States of America, in America. I might be mistaken though.
Nice username, but I guess it's unrelated to the seed bank ^^
Which is very likely to happen... declaring war on security never works that well.
I wonder if these people know that they can delete apps and reinstall them when they find out they need these apps..
Actually, Memory and Flash seem like bad bets to me. I get fast enough responses from my current iMac that the Mac Book Air doesn't seem blazing fast, nor even my sister's Mac Book Pro. Of course, the Mac Pro is quite another story, but I'd guess the processors play a higher role in this.So it's all about the video card option, and the processor upgrade to an i7 which seems... why would you want an i5 on a top end machine anyway?
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