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It is, to my opinion, much more complex than that, and it mainly is caused by the consanguinity between big (finance or not) business and political elites. The role played at diverse points in time at major american financial institutions by leading italian, british, french or spanish politicians should for example raise citizens eyebrows on both sides of the pond. 
I was not actually seeing that as blaming, just trying to point out that in the end, really rich and powerful people played games, and we all pay for it. As in the 20s, as in the 80s. As for the "tell you what to do", I'd be damned if I really have a clue. I'm not an economist, just a regular middle-level manager.
I think I'll get a Watch very soon myself. It seems like a game changer to me.
I tested the Plus yesterday, and to be honest I'm astonished at how easy it is to use. I still am a sucker for smaller screens, so for want of an iPhone 4 or 5 form factor I'll probably go with the 6, but I can easily see my Dad go for the 6+. Anyway, he'll put that in some watertight case and take it around in his sea kayak, so back pockets issues are not a problem ^^
In the interesting facts category, the Mafia has disrupted Nazi meetings in America ("disrupt" is violent when the Mafia and the Nazis both get involved). The reason was, they were allies of the Jewish mobsters, who obviously had reasons to not appreciate the ideals of the nazis.I find it fascinating to look at the motivations of diverse groups. The fact that some anti-communists found allies in the nazis (the FBI itself has had very high members who could be linked to...
An entirely correct point of view, in my opinion ^^ All in all, it's still big money! Which means, that cannot afford that kind of "arrangement". It is a problem compounded by the fact that innovation comes from the smaller companies, and then trickles up through big companies capable of marketing it (or, in the case of Apple, of actually using it in a beautiful and efficient manner). Having the smaller companies paying maximum taxes reduces heavily the rate at which our...
Anyway, it's not only about the tax rate itself, it's also about the advantages or inconveniences. Being close to the UK, for example, or being in a multicultural economy like in Amsterdam, or being in a picturesque place like Montenegro (lol, good one), or having Brian May as a neighbour like in the Island of Man, or whatever else a big corporation feels makes them more money or less expenses.
I disagree with this too. It will be a huge loss to Ireland. It just is, probably, a smaller loss than leaving the EU in the first place. Also, moved to Berlin? Like it?
@philboogie but it's the same with Apple's issues. To the end user, only the "big name" stays in memory. Hell, it's also the big name that makes the news, not "Operation Troll Security". People are people, and I guess that it's asking way too much to demand that non-tech people are tech-security savvy. That's what makes 1Passwd so valuable to people like my mum ^^
Fantastic place and machine ^^
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