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I would be very surprised if Apple took on the responsibility that Onstar does without a fairly expensive monthly fee...  If it works even slightly like my grandpa's warning system, they have a serious liability in case they don't respond properly to a crisis. Apple avoids "liability", as any sane tech company not in the health business (the real one, not the cool-device one) ;) Also, did you know you can name your Watch? I have no clue why I'd want that, but mine's...
Whoa. I asked exactly the same question again and it gave me a kilometer response. That's... weird.
Weird. I just tested, I got a map with Washington D.C. marked out. No kilometer value whatsoever. What could explain such discrepancy in our results?
Oh, I understand your point now. I guess if it teaches something to them as well, like the fact there even is a difference between encodings, the existence of Unicode ( and UTF-8 being compatible with ASCII, and some characters like  being platform dependent...) and ISO 8859-6 (or whatever else they used to generate the Arabic in the first place), it's not entirely lost, but it's sadly likely that Average Joe will indeed just try to find a pre-made "crash string" to send...
1- Because it's better to know what causes the crash in order to avoid it2- Because the lack of understanding gnaws at the soul of any scholar, researcher, and hacker worth its salt3- Because a bug report is much more likely to be useful if it states the exact problem rather than "my iMessages sucks it crashes I liked my Samsung better"4- Because programmers like to debug stuff, even if it's not their awful mess (and it would seem that Apple has a few awful messes laying...
I think he means that, currently, whether you like it or not, you need that chin. If you could eliminate the need  for a home button...
That's an interesting point. Another: most customers of Apple (and Windows) aren't American. The indignation at the US government spying on US citizens is irrelevant to most of Apple's customers. What matters to them is the US government spying on them ;) Also, China. But I think you can anyway conclude any text nowadays by "also, China"", and it will mean something sensible :p
I feel sorry for the poor Intern who had to be up at 5 in the morning for this national-security matter "get a space black watch for Mr Bush".
That's ugly and not very practical... Not to mention quite expensive for what you get.
Did you make an account to say that? I expect MUCH more than 300k have been sent out. If nothing else, I have mine ;)
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