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Whatever whitefalcon may say, it's not a service available in Europe (or China...). Why would Apple users care? It's an American service, now also available in Australia. As Apple's page says: "iTunes Radio is not available in all territories and requires iOS 7 (or later) or iTunes 11.1 (or later)." I do actually hope they launch planetwide, but in the meantime, it's a nice thing that is totally useless to non US/Aussies.
I probably misunderstand you, but it seems you're making incompatible points in the sentences. As for the question itself: "Do you know of anyone who has tried responsible journalism and been successful?" ---> I know people who have tried responsible journalism. I even know some who have been mildly successful. None have been runaway successes.  As to your parallel with banks, I don't understand it. The very basis of a market economy is that "people vote with their...
But are that many people doing it? We ran tests in the company on several of these "kill strings", and none of our devices crashed... While I do believe the bug exists (if nothing else because Apple issued  a support document), it seems to be unlikely enough to get triggered that most people doing it "for fun" would not get a result, and just drop the matter? I wonder how much of the story is the media repeating an untested information...
On the other hand, blaming journalists always seemed an easy way out for all of us, at least to me. We have manufactured that world  of clickbait ourselves, by:1- letting ourselves be baited2- not making proper journalism a financially viable enough businessHow many newspapers do you know of in your country that does "proper journalism" and has a massive readership? 
While true, that's also the Windows philosophy, and I certainly expect Apple to offer much more than this. I think Siri does too much in a not-so-efficient way, and it would be way better if it only knew how to change the music, set reminders, send emails/sms/messages, and start calls and timers... That's already a lot, and it does it relatively well. The rest of the features muddles up the efficiency of the whole system, for now.
Tried the distance between Lille and Brussels, and I got the list of football players of Lille. What baffles me is, in each case, the sentence was perfectly translated to text. If Siri was silently misunderstanding you, I'd get the weirdness but here, we're talking of a 20% success rate, with a 60% completely off-the-mark rate, and a 20% "responded with something somehow related"... I'm stumped (and so, so curious of the underlying working of the system).
I would be very surprised if Apple took on the responsibility that Onstar does without a fairly expensive monthly fee...  If it works even slightly like my grandpa's warning system, they have a serious liability in case they don't respond properly to a crisis. Apple avoids "liability", as any sane tech company not in the health business (the real one, not the cool-device one) ;) Also, did you know you can name your Watch? I have no clue why I'd want that, but mine's...
Whoa. I asked exactly the same question again and it gave me a kilometer response. That's... weird.
Weird. I just tested, I got a map with Washington D.C. marked out. No kilometer value whatsoever. What could explain such discrepancy in our results?
Oh, I understand your point now. I guess if it teaches something to them as well, like the fact there even is a difference between encodings, the existence of Unicode ( and UTF-8 being compatible with ASCII, and some characters like  being platform dependent...) and ISO 8859-6 (or whatever else they used to generate the Arabic in the first place), it's not entirely lost, but it's sadly likely that Average Joe will indeed just try to find a pre-made "crash string" to send...
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