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Maybe Apple should send an open letter about that?
Clones of copies... That's meta.
Also, advertisement is telling. These guys don't get their market. At least Samsung wisely targets "let's pretend to be Apple-but-cheaper", hence the current Apple counter-ads.I have seen many people buying "an iPhone" from Samsung, and not all of them are 80+...
Well, if it's not an iPhone, it's not an iPhone...I agree with that. On the other hand, I'm happy with my 6+, and I expect to keep it one more year, then give it to my partner and get the next iPhone
America would just invade them to hmmm, restore democracy, rule of law, world peace and kittens. Classic reasons. If Apple buys Cuba, the USA have experience with blockades, though their Cuban-invasion skills aren't that good.
He does have one valid point, though. Why isn't there a central, easy to use health manager tool, instead of several apps in several places? I expect Apple has that in the works for some later version, but... I'd like it now, lol.
If you owned one, you would not think that. Also, WatchOS2 is turning out very nicely, giving devs much nicer access. This release process reminds me of iPhone.
Yes, you have a very valid point, well explained.
Well, I expect that Apple can afford to take some financial risks that I or him can't, for one.Second, assuming that because Apple did the due diligence, there is no risk.... that's where we'd be lacking in ours. Example: maybe Apple decided that they need product X, and while there is a 60% chance that investing 5B in the only manufacturer of Product X means they lose 4B and recover 1B, such risk is acceptable because if Product X is delivered appropriately, then Apple...
That sounds like a very logical and appropriate definition, designed to adequately protect both parties...
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