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I think it's a matter of time. Once you have a home server that aggregates those years of data about you, instead of "in the cloud", this whole debate disappears. Siri hosted on an Apple Home Server would solve the privacy and security issue.
Actually, the problem is, the Law is inferior to International Agreements. Those agreements are negotiated between governments, outside of the rule of the People, often under a cloak of secrecy, and with "involved parties", which means Big Business. It's a problem that all modern countries face, or more accurately decline to face, and most likely one of the bigger political issues to be addressed by courageous people in  the current century.
A more apt comparison would be "Since any kid with a paper clip can defeat locks of doors and steering wheel and alarm systems, should we abandon them". And guess what: if it were the case, we would.
I hope, at some point, when some other country or some high-tech mafia makes billions in damage using the backdoors, that the government officials that mandated such backdoors are held personally accountable. Rule n°1 of backdoors: if it exists, you can't make sure that only the government will use it.
That's one interesting condition you've got there... I wonder if it comes with some benefit, like eliminating body toxins faster, or if it's just plain frustrating?
On the other hand, those people are probably not the ones security is really concerned with. On subject: I wonder if the "new Apple TV" is going to be a HomeKit control center. I've been looking into command and control of multi-power-outlet extenders, and it turns out the "not-yet-old-Apple-TV" has some basic features for that, that can be used with some rare elements of hardware on the market. I wonder if this year could be a good time to show really natural and easy to...
I also do. I don't know if I'm reasonable. I can be reasoned with, though, or bought off if the price is right.
Some people marry based on looks. A smartphone seems a much less unreasonable investment :)
Or just people following what they think the best career and personal move for them, rather than some cultish loyalty to a certain brand...
Two things temper that idea: 1- hiring the best means you're pooling from a very limited resource with high competition. Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Tesla... there are many great company offering great salaries and challenging missions. Hiring is a difficult and long process, even in a domain with high availability. In the IT world, getting team-players with some design sense, an artistic eye and great technical skills is extremely hard, and gets you in competition with...
New Posts  All Forums: