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Same here. I want access to the Watch Face API though. Some are downright frustrating. Why can't I put the temperature and the battery state, as well as my server's status (as coloured dots) on the gorgeous flower-watchface? On an unrelated note, I'm starting to get a slight rash from the link-mail band. I thought Apple had done all sorts of anti-allergenic tests, so i'm a bit perplexed... Worst case I'll go in and argue my way into an exchange, I guess... Not going to...
I should have bought two, now I have one and not my partner. Who will I send heartbeats to? :) Note: I know people who are very happy with their Moto360.  I'm very happy without, but you shouldn't assume that everyone will "drool with envy". Some people just have different tastes.
First ad is about same-race relationships (but not same-sex relationships). Second ad is about butts.  Third ad is about the Apple Watch.   I know they're all about the Apple Watch. I just thought it's weird that the second ad shows so many butts (maybe because it is about "getting up"?) and the first ad so massively shows "happy relationships" that are same-race different-gender relationships, when Apple is so much about inclusion and gay rights etc...
Got mine, got mine, got mine :) In Paris, via UPS, at 9:00 in the morning, if it helps anyone to know ^^
Wow, UPS delivered at 9 in the morning in Paris!
I can't say how much I agree with you guys! Also, i'm convinced that the spellchecker "crowd learns" some very wrong words. Some of the corrections are downright absurd, typically ones that finish with LOL...
Paris, France :p
Yes, indeed. I'm aware that the problem is hard to solve, but if Apple can't tackle it properly, they shouldn't advertise a solution. They should advertise a US-only beta feature. I do hope it gets fixed (and the other article that just came out suggest to me it might be at some point... they're beefing up their teams for a good reason). In any case, I don't currently use Siri much, but Siri is not the reason I use the iPhone. I do hope it will fare better  on my Watch......
Well, looks like Siri will get the love many here were hoping it would get
Another fabulous feature that Apple Maps doesn't have: remember the map. When I went to Turkey last month, it was invaluable to have saved the whole region to the Google Maps app while walking between mountains.
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