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No clue about America but in Europe the agreement is binding within reason. Since you cannot negotiate (it is yes or no, but not "ok for this, not for that"), the company is considered to have a position of power compared to the buyer, and therefore if it abuses it in its EULA, that provision is automatically void.Automatically meaning "lawyers will argue forever, drain you dry, and be super rich".
A natural phenomenon that happens to be WAY slower than the human caused one we are currently witnessing. Did you not take science back in high school?
Ah, yes I heard about people who go to the Philippines and edit video, straight from the action to the Internet, from their hotel rooms.Seems like a working business.
I wonder if the time spent by servicemen reaching their combat destination should be compensated. I mean, their duty is to fight, not comfortably travel at the cost of the US government. /s
Better have a billion of small disposable dollars than a millions dozen dollars. It really depends on the advertiser. Also, lots of high-pay people are not on Facebook anymore.
Ah I see what you mean: seeing the companies as the "worker" and the government as the "employer", there would be a monopsony. It is however not really true, because those companies are free to sell similar planes to other countries (and they do), and because it's comparing an individual looking for a job and a corporation trying to obtain a contract, two very different concepts.
And they are so desperate of having new content that they have gone to "publish your own content" ads towards everyone.
Except that to make those "Stingray", you go through a long process of due competition, which makes the workforce highly sought after in the competing businesses.  That would eliminate said companies from the definition of a monopsony. Even on very specialised markets like the refuelling tanker, competition involves both pure US players and foreign providers https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KC-X Also, I thought Stingray missiles were BattleTech technology, maybe you were...
Anyway, wired is safer. I have had enough problems with wireless Apple keyboards (no clue about non Apple ones, never used that). When things go south, and they WILL, given enough computers and time, you want the safety of wired. Also, some software packages really want the numerical pad, among which Blender, which is the only affordable and good 3D software for indie studios, imho. Typed from an office where the only wireless keyboard is gathering dust ;)
*I LIKE YOUR KEYBOARD* Not the Apple one. The main battletank one.
New Posts  All Forums: