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I'll just say one thing. That's one amazingly good looking, buff guy, especially taking into account he was born in 1960...
"spurned"? This choice of word is an all-time low from AI...
Friend bought iPhone last week, switching from her Nokia WhatTheHellDoTheyCallIt(TM). First complaint is "Apple Maps sucks". After digging, she hates the absence of "public transportation" option for routes. I pointed out GMaps is also available for that purpose, but now she complains that she needs to have "lots" (aka, 2) of Maps apps. Apple Maps should implement those features, trafic warnings, public transportation maps. These are really in use by people.
I'm a loser, since I'm in these 10% of deluded people
Well, it's a business model like any other. They should just raise taxes on Apple devices by 1000% and offer a 50% rebate on ships to any country that does the same. I'm willing to bet it'd work ;)
Also, it is a very incorrect understanding of Darwinism/evolution to say that because some individuals don't reproduce, they don't contribute genes to the community. Maybe the gay brothers of the alpha female ensure her protection and continued survival for their gene pool. Direct transmission is only part of the picture. Using pseudo-science to decry sexual conduct that displease one is equivalent to saying "God hates this behavior". Neither science nor gods talk to us...
Assumption. Also, given the wealth of the Apple top guys, they are obvious targets for ransoms.
You seem to not understand. Cook has had the courage to make his private life public in order to help out all the ones whose private gay life is suffering from people who'd rather they're not allowed to even have a private life. Or to even have a life.
Your "private" life stops being private as soon as other people try to tell you what isn't right. Some of these people will "tell" you with stones, forks, guns, knives or rats. So, yes, it "should" be private, but as long as it can't be, don't blame people with courage like Cook. Blame the ones who "defend family" or "defend the Holy Book" or "defend" any cause that can't really speak for itself and say "hey, i never asked to be defended" at the cost of creating suffering...
New Posts  All Forums: