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You seem to not understand. Cook has had the courage to make his private life public in order to help out all the ones whose private gay life is suffering from people who'd rather they're not allowed to even have a private life. Or to even have a life.
Your "private" life stops being private as soon as other people try to tell you what isn't right. Some of these people will "tell" you with stones, forks, guns, knives or rats. So, yes, it "should" be private, but as long as it can't be, don't blame people with courage like Cook. Blame the ones who "defend family" or "defend the Holy Book" or "defend" any cause that can't really speak for itself and say "hey, i never asked to be defended" at the cost of creating suffering...
The fact the compound, once treated by an industrial process, may have an effect, doesn't make the original product innocuous. Coca-Cola sells Coca-leaf-flavored drinks, but cocaine is dangerous. Plants and drugs are controlled for a reason, not because governments around the world just thought "hey, what could we do this morning? Let's make laws on random plants". Marijuana is an interesting plant providing powerful chemicals for human medicinal use, but it should not be...
This seems to be a pretty long-lived thread...  Anyway, just wanted to chime in this: there is a small segment of the population (apparently around 2%, according to the latest article I read about the subject) that is "by nature", whatever that means, asexual (as in, through their life), and people can go through periods of asexuality (per your definition of "do not have sexual desire"). It is, interestingly, genderless behaviour. It's unrelated to coercion, but it might...
Also.... Isn't INTEL the "world expert"?
Yes, definitely. 
But but... gorillas aren't native to America.
Seen many times: person (let's say, a lady) tries to phone (say, with grandma) with phone stuck between face and shoulder, while holding a thing (say, a pan), in a hand and doing something else (say, open a cupboard) with the other. Then the phone drops on the kitchen's floor and the glass shatters. And to top it off, the husband's dinner is burnt.  Yes, I know my example is delightful. I love it too.
I don't think prophecy has anything to do with stating the obvious, Benjamin.
Well, this is an awesome watch. Not exactly a fashion statement, or stylish, but definitely an awesome watch to have in your collection of Retro 80's.
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