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Well, excuse my French, but you do say (and insist) that the OP cannot afford the Watch out of the blue, don't you?
Personal attacks? Why?
  What astonishes me is not that people have different tastes, it's the feel that the black one is much more in demand for a reason that escapes me. As for the feminine look, I find the steel link mail evokes Knight Templars to me, not female fashion, but if your wife wears it I'm sure it will look more feminine than on me ;) Also, I got the 38mm because I have a very thin wrist, even my small Fossil watch almost looks oversize, but I'm a bit afraid of the "battery is...
I said I wanted one. And luckily, i got one :)
Try iTunes on Windows. Come back to iTunes on a Mac and enjoy the much better product ;)
I am astonished at the number of people who like the metal band (and the black color). I want the shiny milanese loop on the shiny steel watch.    Please tell me I did not get fast delivery time because I'm alone with bad taste ;)
So nice to see you contribute to the planet health. By one cent... What?
Do you ever get out of your posh villa? Because in Real Life, lots and lots of people use Androids. Even my own elder sister has one of the things, though my youngest sister got a brand new iPhone last week, which kind of compensates the shame :p
Your point is clear, well argumented, and I subscribe to most of it. However, considering the fact that referring to the very widespread signal issues I and everyone I know who bought the original iPhone 4 experienced as a "meme" was, and still is, a way for some people to outright deny those issues as "trolling" (as per the comment you made, even...), I believe that my own response is also correct. I believe there is more than one correct way to see things. I hope you...
I don't really care about non-iPhones, to be honest. They don't satisfy my requirements ;)
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