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I'm far from being paid that, but I beg to disagree. If your value to the company is 200 bucks an hour and they pay you 75, you have higher weight of outrage than one that is paid 10 and has a value of 11.
Well, end of gaming on the couch.This means, the mouse is back.Also, that quote feature is horrible on iPhone. I guess no user of Ai uses iPhone...,
I hope this gets counted by analysts as a case where iOS is insecure.     I mean, poor Android. Looks so alone in those malware figures.
ThNot what he said. It actually sounds pretty Jobsish... Trust in people who show trust etc.
I am. It is a tremendously huge company which does ships, planes, as much as phones.
April's fool is early in 2014.
Steganography is very cool, and there are quite a few FOSS tools that would serve them well. I doubt Apple is that paranoid though.
I am still not as satisfied with the new Pages as with the former one. I would however get MS Office just to cut having to boot Windows anytime the boss sends a VB-macro-formula-nuclear-hamster-powered-MS-thing.
When Apple does not remove half of the features overnight. I still feel the pain of spreadsheets turning empty.
DDepends on the sapphire quality. I would bet Apple intends to use top of the line.
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