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Yes, exactly my point. User action is handled differently from 'pure OS decisions', as it should, and as expected by the user. What could be more annoying than the impression that the iPhone does whatever it thinks is best, whatever your own decisions? That really would be obnoxious behaviour ;) Also, I'm poking around an Android app currently. I much prefer the iOS model, however constrained the developer is, from a pure "user" point of view.
This is highly inaccurate. https://developer.apple.com/library/ios/documentation/iPhone/Conceptual/iPhoneOSProgrammingGuide/TheAppLifeCycle/TheAppLifeCycle.html ---> App Termination. tl;dr: Killing apps manually forces them to terminate, while the system will only do so if they break some rule, or it has a need (memory or otherwise). Given the fact that a suspended (but not terminated) app can register for notifications, (think WhatsApp and message updates, or any...
Got a free jumper. Also, I disagree with you. It was a failure at engineering, and it was fixed in 4S. Note that the iPhone 4 in question is still in use in my family. These things are pretty sturdy.
I find AppleCare a most sensible buy on every Mac I've ever had.
As much as I find Apple should react more aggressively when there is an obvious issue with one of their devices (water-cooling Macs, iPhone 4 antenna, MBP graphics card issues... they all denied these until it became intenable), a change.org petition? Seriously?   "I, owner of a computer priced over 2000 dollars, and therefore clearly a minority, am being treaded upon by the mighty Apple"? It really feels ridiculously out of whack with reality in a world where minority...
Streaming in my opinion only exists for one purpose: tracking use. It diverts consumers from "buy once, use plenty" to "pay per use".
Hey just my thought. I wonder why it doesn't do that on Apple's. Not that I would be caught using that color, I am a Space Grey customer ;)
oO This must be the worst marketing idea ever.
It's the first time I've actually been excited about a car (though I can't afford it). The parallel with Apple is obvious to anyone who's seen one, indeed. (Here, there are dozens of them... just in a 2km radius around my house I can count 15 of them, more or less, because the local airport demands taxi-drivers use Teslas - AMS Schiphol) I'm actually quite sad that Apple and Musk did not partner, whatever the reason. The product would have made me very happy, even though...
 1- The Internet and the Media have that annoying specialty of taking things out of context to get clicks or make sales. Shouldn't we be wiser, given the "small" detail that Musk is obviously among the most intelligent businessmen alive? Maybe this was supposed to be a humorous comment that fell flat, as can happen. 2- He's right about the Watch. I own a Watch since Day 1, it's awesome, but EVERYONE knows that, like the iPhone, the Macbook Air, the new MacBook, the iPad,...
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