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Mine gets delivered on the 24 via UPS. All the effort put by Apple into sending it right on time.... all that to get UPS to **** up as usual, I bet. They never delivered anything properly to me, unlike FedEx :s
I never thought of that, but you are perfectly correct. It is particularly annoying to see just how inferior the experience of the customers who on average pay most is. Siri sucks out of the USA, particularly because of its deep integration to Apple software that is not that good outside of the USA ("Siri, ai-je besoin d'un manteau à Zandvoort ce soir?", "Siri, trouve moi un itinéraire de Amsterdam Central à Rokinstraat 77"), because some software just does NOT work at...
Well, our experiences differ wildly.
I hope that people will put pics of their new delivery up in this thread! I wanna see :)
1- I believe that carrying an Edition without the bodyguards is a very dangerous thing to do. A Rolex can already get you in huge amounts of trouble in a lot of places (hell, a smartphone can get you mugged, thrown off the stairways, etc.... people die to this), and it's, well, just a Rolex. Pop stars have the bodyguards, so the Edition is ok for them. My Apple Watch will clearly be hidden under my shirt. Anyway, for the purposes of vanity, I got some awesome cuff-link...
Mine's prepped for shipment with a shipment date range two weeks large. I wonder why, but I trust Apple ;)
 Keep hopes up ;)
Wait until some shops start advertising gold plating services ;)
I wonder what the point is. People who need one for testing will have made sure to get one on preorder day. Others clearly did not need one ten days ago, they don't need one today...
I hope this is a gross over exaggeration of an extreme caricature , because the opposite would be very sad and frightening about the future of our common species :/ (and somedays, yes, I'm wondering if it might not be the case). On the other hand, on a positive note, real life keeps teaching me to not underestimate "real people", all these other persons with rich, full lives out there, that actually exist even when I'm not there to check ;)
New Posts  All Forums: