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100% true.I recently had a look at a maxed out Mercedes for my needs, an energy-efficient berline, not a sports model. Went upwards of €160k.That's more than a Lamborghini Huràcan, and the high end Mercedes models go into out-this-world-pricing territory.As for RR themselves, I've been a great fan of the brand's design through the 70 to early 90, but they now look like generic fat berlines. Bentleys look far more luxurious. Also, RR's emphasis had been on bespoke for...
Sounds likely.
I do. Portability.
Looks to me like Samsung actually makes money out of this even though they got hit with huge damages. I cannot see any other reason why they'd keep at it, else...
That's called "vaporware". Mine actually will have a 3D printer and a teleport beacon.
 That's actually one of the reasons the newer houses, such as the Pixelmator guys, might end up with decent contenders. Of course, there is a tremendous amount of tools to be created and code to be written, but ageing code turns to code rot, and maintaining that costs even more than rewriting a separate version. I wish there was a decent competitor to Adobe, because CC is the worst thing ever...
I suppose you're right about this, but it still feels a bit unclean to me. Kind of "double standards".Anyway, right now, I just want a new iMac 27i, and I hope they push one out soon ^^
Whatever. Tell you what, I'll keep using iPads. Keep asking yourself what to get.
Armed and security forces actually ask you a few questions of the "are you insane?" type. I still wonder if anyone answers yes...
Personally, the only thing in the tech world that strike me as worse than this lame advertising is DED's ridiculous argument that FOSS is somehow unsafe, using the same techniques such as comparing non-updated devices to updated ones, or a device working in ideal conditions to a device out of the functional zone (white tshirt guy)
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