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I agree with all that. I was particularly unimpressed by two presenters, the Apple Pay lady who seems to believe she works for HSBC (I mean, can you deliver a more corporate talk ever? I don't think so) and the Apple Music guy (Iovine) who, pardon my English, sounds f***g sleazy to me. "My great friend Eddy", "connect fans and artists" etc etc. Sweet Jesus. I've heard men speak that way before. It's always resulted in horrible datamining and money grabbing operations....
Why did they use a smartphone in the first place instead of a professional camera and the appropriate setup? Are they that cheap?
1,2,3: agreed4: no. Just no. I'm sad.
Oh, great. Apple's now copy-pasting bad Microsoft features like split-mode...
Same here, Duracell batteries leaked and destroyed a wireless Apple keyboard.
Well, I'd say "let the carriers compete on service" and "let the manufacturers compete on their phones". Price is not always the right competitive edge to pursue ;)
He's already in the USA. Also, the rest of the world doesn't want him.
I've bought the iPhone 6 at the Apple Store, unlocked. I pay 3.5 euro monthly (yeah, that's one digit on either side of the comma). I'd love to see AT&T beat that. Hah.
I wonder if the salespitch/slogan will be "Kind of like an iPhone, but for cheaper people"
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