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I totally second the idea, and Apple definitely has the clout to make this work out, at least in the States. I do find a bit annoying to see how iDevices work much better in the US (if nothing else, Siri here seems so limited...), but of course I understand the reasons. Globalization still has a long way to go ^^'
Well, that will please Youtube. Now they can check you're physically behind your computer while they push those ads.
HP's are horrible. They make good printers, but horrible, horrible computers.
 Who doesn't want a BJ...
Here at the studio, we have Macs, Dell server racks and Dell monitors. iPads, too. All of them, actually ^^  All models... not the whole stock of iPads ever built... that would be useless ;)
Dell and Microsoft catered to business users. Dell used to have an awesome customer service for companies. Saying Dell sold "dogsh*t" is insulting to all the people who had a Dell. Actually, for having opened a Dell (ex-gf's), it was a breeze to repair. Can't say the same of my MBA, or even an old MacBook Air (not to mention the computer I owned a decade ago, made by that horrible company out of hell, Fujitsu-Siemens. Bought out of 'german technology is good'. Yeah,...
Sounds like a carnivorous animal. "In the Pleistocene jungles, the mighty kardashians preyed on all, powerful long-necked herbivores as well as fast, nimble hunters".
Well, a battleship does have a much higher radar signature :p
iOS7 doesn't power anything, it runs on stuff. Batteries power stuff. Com'on.
 While I agree with you on the importance of proper spelling and grammar (but I'm French, that makes it standard behavior), this is a bit harsh...Do also take into consideration that Internet gives access to instant written commenting to people who otherwise would have spent their afternoons talking in bars, over a game of ball, in a park, or any other place where you use spoken English, instead of written English: it's probably not a general "free fall" of English, but...
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