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Iovine is a very-well connected person in that industry, a brilliant individual*, and a billionaire. He's also one of the few people at Apple Keynotes (and actually, the only one) I've instantly disliked. He sounds like he could just as well be selling anti-personnel mines and arguing just how much safer these will make the planet. Also, it's hard to be very successful without being either an operational genius, an inventor with business skill, or having a remarkable...
Get ready to be mind blown.... Rentokill has an app, you can hire them from your Watch already! 
I'm not sure if Apple's credo of "make it smaller" would work for the non-finger market.
In BattleTech, they call this a ringwatch.
Russia doens't count. They're Russian!
My problem is the plastic giving out, then the metal breaking down, and then having to order new ones. I've tried Anker on Amazon last week, I'll see if it's any better than the Apple ones I've been using over the years. This is irritating ;)
Well, I expect you're more lucky than I've been, or maybe I cause more wear-and-tear to cables than the average Joe. To be fair, it's rather likely, being a developer, I do connect/disconnect them very often.
Well, for one I have experience with the other side of the Atlantic, mostly Europe and Asia, not the Americas, and secondly, It's mostly the take-off and landing sequences where I witness incidents. Indeed, nobody seems to pay attention to wireless once the plane is flying. I suppose we could conclude our experiences are similar, only our threshold for being annoyed are different ;)
Well, that is not my experience, by far, and I tend to fly "national airlines" for simplicity reasons. Budget airlines tend to require you running off to some random airport nobody else uses.
That would also require serious negotiation with airlines. There is a reason the QC25 doesn't have bluetooth.
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