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Not sure why. Who uses that? What for? Maybe I'm missing something?
Oh, OK. Well, thanks for clearing that up. It does go in all directions!
Amusing how Apple forces other companies to release in sub-efficient timeframes, because else they don't have a chance in hell
His dictionary dates back a little. Weird used to mean "different".
Why, a new complex word. Thanks. I shall find uses for it :p
Very interesting, thanks for the documentation.
I must be missing something. Did Apple refuse to serve some people? Maybe you're mistaking Apple for a bakery? http://www.theguardian.com/society/2015/may/19/northern-ireland-ashers-baking-company-guilty-discrimination-gay-marriage-cake  (Now might be a good time to make a snide remark about Apple, Ireland, and taxes, though) This world suffers from homophobia. Homophobia kills. Apple, as a company that takes its social responsibilities seriously, decided to feature gay...
Do I understand right that this company chose the name iWatch IN ORDER TO COMPETE with the upcoming Watch, and now sues Apple for being the competition, pretty much?
I understand the part about the feeling. As a person born in Brittany, I feel a Breton first, a French second. However, were Brittany to secede, to the utmost glee of the secessionists (I wonder... are there secessionists in every damn place?), the Bretons would have the choice between leaving as French or staying as Bretons (or maybe staying as French...). If a Union country leaves the Union, the citizens of say, Greece, wouldn't get to stay Union citizens, because some...
I wasn't clear enough. I know there is freedom of movement: I'm an expat from France in the NL. However, I am a French, not an European. An Alabaman is an American, whether in California or in Texas or in Alabama. It's a huge difference, especially when people now openly suggest Greece could leave Europe. If Alabama was to "leave the US", Alabamans could just move to Detroit and stay American. I don't foresee France, the NL, or Germany offering this kind of move freedom to...
New Posts  All Forums: