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I hope smartphones are banned too. They contain highly advanced sensors, and have been used for massively more mischief than (failed product) Goo Glass.
No they are crap.
"Usurps"? I thought it meant "illegally take the crown"...
It can be seen as an artistic act.It can be seen as whistleblowing.It is, in my opinion, not "obnoxious".Also, your agressivity towards this person (yes, he IS a fellow human) is frightening. He does not deserve such ill thoughts (keep those for Samsung). Then again aren't you pro-gun?
I never really understood why Beats was so popular. They are far from the best on the market... It would however seem that all these people are sharks. Also, that ability to settle in the USA has some good sides, but it denies the truth the ability to come out.
Their evangelist abandoned the product? Seriously?
Can I sue Apple for not giving me the tick box where I could NOT get this non detachable keyboard?
Awesome! I hope someone here gets one. For myself, I'll pass, my iPad and MBA serve every purpose of this thing just fine.
You care enough to reply and dig yourself deeper in. Keep going you might find the bottom.
Not what he said. He pointed out a risk, which is Apple, through Samsung's communication/propaganda/lies, ending up looking like the bad guy.Sadly, the world seems to be cut in three main blocks, people who don't know the brand of their phones (or even don't own one), people with a brain, and people who think Apple is an evil bully that copies stuff and stifle competition in court.So, he has a point, but experience show that time makes liars look like the liars they are....
New Posts  All Forums: