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It's "her", I believe.
Same for me, but it's still the 21 only ^^
Here's an idea: reserve FM to community (non-profits, governments, universities) radios. Probably not a very American concept, but would serve the people much better than Fox News.
I side in favor of FM here. Radio is an extremely resilient way of conveying information with VERY LOW requirements for reception. Unless the Internet somehow eliminates earthquakes, pandemics, tsunamis, forest fires, volcanos and all these rare but cataclysmic events... I want my FM safety net.
For now, I'll wear my cheap, old, and trusty stainless steel Fossil to "the beach" (and other deserts), and my Apple Watch in "environmentally safe" circumstances, but I'd definitely be interested in improvements on watches like the WiThings Activité...
1- I purge and reformat, and I use a USB key (I have 5 macs to reinstall everytime, so it is much easier), but I use a NAS and a lot of the files are stored there, what is not is in Time Capsule, so it is much easier for me. The annoying part is redownloading the software (App Store helps, but things like Espresso mean I have to go and find my MacRabbit key etc).2- It depends a lot on your Time Machine settings. I only keep my Documents and things like iPhoto libraries,...
From what I've understood after hanging around in the AppleInsider forums for a little bit:Apple optimizes (logically) for the new hardware releases, while being nice enough to provide the systems for free for a lot of older hardware.It is indeed quite different from "intentionally making software slower to spur sales of new hardware", which is likely to backfire after a few years.
That's a weird issue he has, my 2009 iMacs run pretty fast too (even though the lower-RAM ones are slower, understandably). Maybe he needs to do a clean install? I find "plist cruft" can really cause weird and hard to debug issues, so I usually do a clean reinstall when upgrading my OS.
That's much more interesting, why put it in the comments?
For me, it was the 750€ 38mm link mail, and it took almost 10 hours to go to 4-6 weeks (but I got mine at opening time using the app). The 42mm I was hesitating with got into "June" territory in two hours in my country though.It would be awesome to know what versions sold where, but indeed I'd understand apple hiding this data for competitive reasons.
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