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That would also require serious negotiation with airlines. There is a reason the QC25 doesn't have bluetooth.
Apple cords are notoriously bad. Are you sure you have an Apple device?
As a developer, I second this.
Maybe I'm in a hospital bed.
What would be fun would be some exec at Apple laughing his/her ass off, imagining the competition scrambling to get their connectors done :p
Or maybe, "Project Titan" is actually a military project carried out in an underground secret facility, which tries to make super-soldiers using alien blood and DNA. Which would be much cooler, in a certain dangerous way.
Edit: OK, I see why it's just in the comments.
More interestingly, if he's seen doing, say, shopping, with the Watch on, then he probably is a Watch wearer. My mechanical watch has stayed on my bedtable.... since the Watch came out... but I am not contractually obliged to wear a Rolex on stage :)
Gulf War 3?
In violation of international agreements enforced by the US on other countries. Yep, about right. Not that it matters. In the end, politics are business, and business isn't about what's right or even what's agreed, but about who's strongest and most determined at that given point in time, where strongest might mean "who can rally more people" or "who can deal most economic damage". The only question is, will the US government get its way, or will the IT industry get its...
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