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You just have to buy several watches ;)
First versions always have issues. Remember how iPhone couldn't even do copy-paste? However, they do what they do remarkably well compared to the competition. I've got my Watch (sort of... now I wait for the delivery, apparently I got lucky and I'm in the "sort of first' batches), and it will fit my requirements ;)
America. Here, it's 5 euros a month (that's 60 euros a year) for carrier service, and 800 euro watch, 900 euro phone. Makes your carrier service feel all the more overpriced ;)
Well, I expect two good things came out of this. 1- you obviously care about the status of women, good for you.2- you understand that Fox views might not be entirely "truth".As for the rest, you seem to have difficulty separating "fact" from "personal guess", my dear. Come to my street's gay bar someday, I'll get you a drink <3
1- what makes you think Apple doing business with SA doesn't make it more open? Closing business would then be damaging to freedom.2- in the same line as your question...  If freedom and concern for "anyone else's rights" is not truly an issue, shouldn't you go live in Saudi Arabia? They share your concerns about homosexuals. ​Also, you know... It's not a "free market society". It's a free society that happens to currently function pretty well as a free market. Reducing it...
 Maybe a few classes in biochemistry, psychology and neurosurgery might help answer this question? I'm woefully inadequately armed for this level of discussion ;)
He's not worthless, he tries to argue back instead of using weapons. While misguided, he deserves as much "human-respect" as any of us.It is a bit sad, though, that he forgot that the main teaching of Christ is love unto others... not "discriminate unto others".
About the precise words used, I actually agree with you. However, it is always a very difficult thing to characterise people who want to remove freedoms from others because of their own beliefs without getting slightly carried away. "Worthless meat sacks" is not correct, but "humans sporting scandalously outdated thinking and total lack of care for others' rights" might suit you better. Love you too.
Differences of opinion do not cover supporting this kind of law. Differences of opinion, generally speaking, cover civil disagreements over preferences. Once it turns into "preventing a different type of people from living their life freely in the way they choose", for example "preventing Jewish people from running a business in nazi Germany" (point clear enough?), it's not a difference of opinion, it's an attempt at stifling freedom. Please go attempt that in the Islamic...
wow. I thought people were supposed to pay their balance..
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