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People do click on random links, though, and it is a frightening situation in 2014... soon 2015.
"Don't be a diplomat" seems like a bizarre piece of advice. The part about clicking random links, however, I couldn't agree more. After the years of phishing attacks we've endured, why does it still happen?!Shouldn't evolution have caused the apparition of a new gene of "doesn't click on random links" in people?
Where will the Americans who can't go to the Texas National Guard to avoid being sent to war, like G.W.B., hide, if Canada gets annexed?Also, maybe America should start with (re-)annexing California. Last time I checked, it had been overrun by hipsters wearing black glasses and well-trimmed beards. I have a better idea though. Canada should legalize the sale of marijuana within 100miles from the US border. Hey, it works fine in Amsterdam.
They have an accusation, they look into it. This is the mark of a working democracy. Now, if they come to the conclusion that Canda's free market was hurt because of Apple, then democracy has left Canada.I think that France should just have left America get trampled by the United Kingdom, backstabbed the British (which they would have respected, it is the Tudor way, after all), annexed everything up to China and started colonizing Mars already. However, it's not like my...
Well, I wonder how long a troll can be exposed to DED before the sheer amount of mental reeducation material turns him to the Fruity Side. Hey, I'm just saying.
You VASTLY underestimate the amount of diplomats. If nothing else, any decent US embassy has dozens of employees holding blue passports. You know, "diplomatic" ones. That's what they say on the cover.Don't forget that there also are diplomats to things like the Order of Malta, the European Commission, the European Union, the European Council (three very different entities). Not to mention the fact that you probably would want to also put the families of these diplomats...
I think the government should set aside a few millions for some psychological support for those poor hackers. Sorting through such amounts of stupidity must destroy the human psyche.
I'll just say one thing. That's one amazingly good looking, buff guy, especially taking into account he was born in 1960...
"spurned"? This choice of word is an all-time low from AI...
New Posts  All Forums: