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About the precise words used, I actually agree with you. However, it is always a very difficult thing to characterise people who want to remove freedoms from others because of their own beliefs without getting slightly carried away. "Worthless meat sacks" is not correct, but "humans sporting scandalously outdated thinking and total lack of care for others' rights" might suit you better. Love you too.
Differences of opinion do not cover supporting this kind of law. Differences of opinion, generally speaking, cover civil disagreements over preferences. Once it turns into "preventing a different type of people from living their life freely in the way they choose", for example "preventing Jewish people from running a business in nazi Germany" (point clear enough?), it's not a difference of opinion, it's an attempt at stifling freedom. Please go attempt that in the Islamic...
wow. I thought people were supposed to pay their balance..
Why would you want that? You can drop an iPhone, but a watch with a sapphire screen and an aluminum or hardened steel casing sounds much stronger and less likely to get in trouble (not to mention scratches aren't covered).
Ok, my bad then. "and yet the whole time, in either case, you as a buyer don't have access to that amount of credit. that's all i'm saying." probably means something else than I thought. My apologies.
I wanted to get a rose gold Edition but I was broke by the time it came out. Oh, wait. I always was broke anyway ;)
Well, excuse my French, but you do say (and insist) that the OP cannot afford the Watch out of the blue, don't you?
Personal attacks? Why?
  What astonishes me is not that people have different tastes, it's the feel that the black one is much more in demand for a reason that escapes me. As for the feminine look, I find the steel link mail evokes Knight Templars to me, not female fashion, but if your wife wears it I'm sure it will look more feminine than on me ;) Also, I got the 38mm because I have a very thin wrist, even my small Fossil watch almost looks oversize, but I'm a bit afraid of the "battery is...
I said I wanted one. And luckily, i got one :)
New Posts  All Forums: