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That makes sense. It also means the US legal system is better than I thought, which is great, but that, to my opinion, the various authorities aren't doing their job properly, which isn't. Then again, what did I expect? The legal authorities did put some overseer to check competition at Apple (Bromwich and firm), because clearly Amazon was totally not the huge bully in the room. Should have ticked me off ;)
 Equating pay and worthiness is NOT what he did. You're building a straw man and destroying it to prove... nothing. You must have really no case to make to feel forced to use such levels of dishonesty. Oh, wait. You COULD have made a case. You just chose not to. You are a free Internet Citizen, I guess.   Given the fact that you're not the judge, and she is, it would seem that it IS her decision. Harsh reality. Fully agreed, especially the lawyer part. I understand the...
Also, it baffles me that in the US it seems a class action prevents the State from pursuing their own action. What do I miss here?
Sounds to me like these reserves were acquired through cheating the employment system, which means at the cost of both the taxpayer (hopefully you), the capitalist society at large (includes me), and the employees that do not get their fair deal.Entitles everyone quoted above to a share of that ill-begotten money. How large a share is debatable, which could be settled under the "I have more spearmen than you" rule, or by a court.Everything seems to run as good as humans...
I for one totally agree with Apple][ and SolipsismX! This is an entry-level machine for people who don't want to even know what "RAM" means, or who don't intend to ever tinker with what's inside the aluminium.
But you can also use smoke signals instead off your Galaxy S4. Will even work better
Can the people (DoJ is an institution made up of people) be sued for gross misuse of the mandate to them given by the population ?
Siding with Manitoba on this one. Would never play that, but Apple has let (and advertised) freaking Rockstar's games where you kill, maim, and sell drugs. Oh, and steal tanks, a clearly legal activity. Double standards for bigger companies suck. Also, I hope the game is still playable anywhere weed is legal, right? Else it is utter censorship and likely illegal from Apple. Curious how this will pan out, but hoping Apple relents. Why is it so important? Imagine a...
Actually, only two, but the other two are pretty obviously bad. My opinion though.
Sounds like Jaron Lanier's tattoos.
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