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But you can also use smoke signals instead off your Galaxy S4. Will even work better
Can the people (DoJ is an institution made up of people) be sued for gross misuse of the mandate to them given by the population ?
Siding with Manitoba on this one. Would never play that, but Apple has let (and advertised) freaking Rockstar's games where you kill, maim, and sell drugs. Oh, and steal tanks, a clearly legal activity. Double standards for bigger companies suck. Also, I hope the game is still playable anywhere weed is legal, right? Else it is utter censorship and likely illegal from Apple. Curious how this will pan out, but hoping Apple relents. Why is it so important? Imagine a...
Actually, only two, but the other two are pretty obviously bad. My opinion though.
Sounds like Jaron Lanier's tattoos.
"Cost efficient manufacturer". Using kids and slaves for building, and Apple for R&D. Yep, sounds "cost-effective".
I hope smartphones are banned too. They contain highly advanced sensors, and have been used for massively more mischief than (failed product) Goo Glass.
No they are crap.
"Usurps"? I thought it meant "illegally take the crown"...
It can be seen as an artistic act.It can be seen as whistleblowing.It is, in my opinion, not "obnoxious".Also, your agressivity towards this person (yes, he IS a fellow human) is frightening. He does not deserve such ill thoughts (keep those for Samsung). Then again aren't you pro-gun?
New Posts  All Forums: