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Not that i want to disagree with the Cook, but the two major reasons are not the ones he quotes. They are greed and incompetence, with a layer of spin doctoring datanalystry. Now, why does he even have to adress Gartner and IDC? Can't he just dismiss them as the incompetent crooks they are?
Which is the real absence of minority views, not the "let us make stats" one.Also, this person is really incredible... I hope Apple benefits from this hire as much as it sounds it could!
I think I understand what you meant, but the way you worded it was pretty agressive. No worries, we all have our bad days ^^
I understand your point, of course, but I believe this elimination of biased people should be part of the court system itself, not of the lawyering, precisely because of the "in reality" element, which means that the richest guy, who can run the most background checks and influence juries the most, ends up a favorite.
I'm sorry, but I still disagree with you, and saying "I hide behind obfuscation, lies or ignorance" makes you agressive.  A judge decided an injunction was the correct way to proceed.By dichotomy:- If you believe that a legal system is a bad solution, then violence is the only other option. Oooookaaaay.- If you do believe a legal system is a correct solution, then you have to trust the judges. If the judge rules Apple wrong, that's too and. If the judge rules Apple right,...
"Will we get also news items if VietnamPhones.com start selling the iPhone?" As far as I know, Ai doesn't do the latter. Why should Vietnam or Dutch or UK readers be interested in TelcomUSAInsider? Apple news, yes. Telco news, no. The fact that iPhone is related doesn't seem relevant here, since Ai doesn't inform us anytime a small provider in some random country offers the iPhone. When Ben.nl started offering the iPhone, AppleInsider did not do a news item, did they? When...
Is it Telcom Insider now? I fail to see the point of these news... Will we get also news items if VietnamPhones.com start selling the iPhone?
2011-MBA working just fine here. Considering the rumours of Retina MBA, it seems like a choice between waiting for that or a refresh of MBP...
Actually, his analogy is pretty accurate, Apple offers a service that is closer to Mastercard's than to a physical store's. However, where he is wrong, in my humble opinion, is that the enormous appeal of Apple's Store is worth a price. Apple has valued it to 30% of the sale price, and it seems many businesses are happy to go with these terms. If, as a business, you believe that you can make more money through your own outlet than you can through the Apple Store (which...
Apart from the App Store app. Sorry ;) .
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