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    I'll go against the trend here and say, it seems like this guy deserves to win. If this guy got these patents, then the USA say he deserves them. If these patents are infringed by Apple, then Apple must not win only because, like Microsoft a few years back, it has the finances to shut people up (and be a gangster? or was that a Korean company?). As to whether the patent system should allow patenting software or DNA (that's coming, we all know it)... that's another...
Could be worse. Justin Bieber is still active (some say he's still passive, but that's none of my business).
Make your own sausage man ^^I left it purposely unclear ;)
Very good point. Let me sue in Eastern Texas.
It's obvious that your strong desire has somehow forced Apple into announcing their event ;)
I'm pretty convinced by the WiThings watch, though. I find it super clean, while modern. Of course, I'm still rocking a seven year old Fossil which runs perfectly smooth, and the Apple Watch will take its place as soon as it's available, so unless I win the lottery and can have an arm graft to put a second watch on my third arm...
I apologize for being unclear. Your assumptions are quite correct, to my opinion. What feels a bit ridiculous to me is buying a gold watch in the first place, because it's heavy and quite "in-your-face-look-at-my-diamond-tooth-punk". It is, however, a very personal opinion. I'd go titanium over gold any day of the week, if I have to spend a lot of money, because it is light, durable, and very hard, all things gold isn't.
Awesome. Why did I not think of that myself ^^
Can I sue Apple for the amount of stress they cause me by announcing an announcement so un-necessarily early? /s
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New Posts  All Forums: