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At first it was "in April", then "in May" now it's "some time this summer"? Ai, just say you have no clue when...
Ridiculous. Let them get entrenched, quality sells itself.
Subsidies are an awful model for the customer, in the end...
Good for them.
No chance in hell.
Bit irritating though that there is no "US-only" category on that site. I mean, who the hell cares that some small carrier in America has succeeded in selling a few iPhones? I want to have Apple-related news, not T-Mobile related news, please.
Don't worry, they're now extinct :D
Actually, not only anchor stores... I got a friend who owns/operates a small art gallery in a well-known building, and she ends up working ridiculous hours, with her family chipping hours in for free, because her business cannot make enough to pay for an employee, but she has to operate as long as the building's open...
Those scumbag French courts in Australia! /s
Analyst during the compilation phases :p
New Posts  All Forums: