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Sounds like a carnivorous animal. "In the Pleistocene jungles, the mighty kardashians preyed on all, powerful long-necked herbivores as well as fast, nimble hunters".
Well, a battleship does have a much higher radar signature :p
iOS7 doesn't power anything, it runs on stuff. Batteries power stuff. Com'on.
 While I agree with you on the importance of proper spelling and grammar (but I'm French, that makes it standard behavior), this is a bit harsh...Do also take into consideration that Internet gives access to instant written commenting to people who otherwise would have spent their afternoons talking in bars, over a game of ball, in a park, or any other place where you use spoken English, instead of written English: it's probably not a general "free fall" of English, but...
Can't they just gimme a bit of it?
Oh, what do I hear? Yes, yes, it's the sound of someone getting straigth into the Hall of Troll Fame!
Microsoft's Nokia takes a leaf out of Microsoft's book? Surprising. You'd almost believe that they were "bought".
@kibitzer : problem solved: http://www.sotemo.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/5e06319eda06f020e43594a9c230972d/f/i/file_9_19.jpg
Autocorrect fail :pI assure you lawyers are no ethnic group.
Imagine if Samsung gets a patent it shouldn't, Samnunsg (totally not Samsung TM) challenges, challenge gets rejected, patent is reinstated.Now Apple wants to challenge it, but according to your rule: " no other challenges can be made once overturned".
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