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And that's why #movember is important. Colon cancer may not be as "sexy" as breast cancer, but it kills you just as dead. Grow a moustache and fund research!
And Steve Ballmer? He must have been afraid: the head of his research labs had died :p
Ah, an Apple user base member :p
People still use the swipe system? Oh, wait,it's American, and the USA never swallowed the fact that chipcards mean French Technology
Surely all watches are wearable, else they're called "clocks". But again, I'm technologically illiterate
1- Because I don't think it's a bad idea (as I stated before)2- 180k people out of the billions of users? Looks pretty "extremist/fringe" to me, if you'll allow me to think differently from you  Off topic: I run a French keyboard with Russian enabled. For the last few days, the keyboard randomly switches to an unidentified French version (at least, I type in an @ when I want to type a 2, but the é still is in the proper place), and I have to switch to Russian, type in a 2,...
In my (possibly unlightened) opinion:- people might just be stating their preferences and opinions, rather than being "hands on deck" for a company- Google is not 'railroading', it's unifying its products like Apple did with iCloud, and that's a good thing, even though most people hate change Just my two cents.
1- Why Youtube, isn't that "the cesspool of the Internet"?At least for the comments part...2- Google+ is pretty nice, much better than FaceBook (I'm amazed why anyone uses that, but to each their own, right), and in my opinion more practical than Twitter for audience management (who do I want to tell what) and conversations.Anyway, there are a lot of people who don't like Macs. Doesn't make Macs bad computers, and doesn't change my choice to use them, or Google+... This is...
Well, I'd say yes, among other reasons, because you damn can't know if in a century from now, most people won't travel by horse for "short" distances, and electric zeppelin or electric sailboat for longer distances.Right now, the horse is a minimal player, due to the ease of access to oil at competitive prices in $$$ and blood (not the West's).Tomorrow, it might  be again huge, as oil resources dwindle and replacements have to be found, especially in a world where business...
Isn't that the whole point of open source?Besides, further from there, the whole idea of IP is very hard to define, because "an obvious idea" is obvious to specialists, but rarely to the common man.
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