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"Print magazines on tablets"? As in, put your paper version on top of the iPad or something?
If it works, it will solve a lot of NASA's funding problems :p
Good! So do we :D
Hey, maybe I can buy some of it soon? Hopefully Apple][ will throw his away? Gimme?
Self quoting myself, but I just realized that the solution Apple uses on Mountain Lion could work out on Android: having only curated, signed software run on Android, unless the user specifically allows it, which means he knows what he's doing. Another idea would be to have a self-reinstalling copy of the system and all the data "in the cloud". Not a solution I'd want for myself, but I'm not "the average guy"... Also, I have an iPhone ;)
Well, Ai says it's Investing Analytics: http://www.investinganalytics.net/ but I don't quite know who they are :D
Also, the average person buys his phone with no idea what he buys, and that average person buys an Android phone because that's what the carrier guys suggest to him. You're not helping the Apple cause, as usual, by sounding like a raging AAPL-owner looking at stock prices. Not that I can blame you on the latter point.   Edit: Also, please keep in mind that _some_ people cannot afford an iPhone and are pretty happy to have a cheaper solution. Android is, contrary to what...
I have a massive deja-vu feeling reading this. I'm pretty sure the whole "airwave" discussion was had last year or the previous one, on this very forum ^^'
How about half-twits, and nitwits?
That url gives me an IIS error, and for the crime of using a Windows Server, I shall never buy a Belkin product again :D
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