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Maybe the NSA scandal made AES appear too insecure? Maybe it was too buggy? Maybe they just were busy enjoying mojitos and forgot to code the feature? Who cares. It'll come when it comes. What I want to know is WHEN IS THE MAC PRO AVAILABLE? This year, on the 31st of December?
Looks like the cheap MacBook. The one that sucked ass.
@ts: darkpaw is correct.
Anything that doesn't have that issue: http://hints.macworld.com/article.php?story=20130204131658853
 Also a 2'' watch, and a 27'' tablet for artists and managers (you have to see all these rows in Excel for iPad), and of course the 200'' Apple iSurface. Totally agree. /s
 I run iOS7 on an iPhone 4. I'll pass on iPhone 5s if it's a faster iPhone 5... too big. I have an iPad Mini already, don't need an iPad Micro ;)
 Yeah, right.
How about "bring back to America and eliminate low quality rework issues"? Just saying. And I'm European, Americans' well-being is only a secondary concern to me...
"Siri, please use a proper search engine to solve my query" "Sorry, I cannot do that Dave. You shouldn't relapse into Google tools." "But... they work." "Whether or not they work is not the point, Dave. It's a matter of honor."
New Posts  All Forums: