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 Also a 2'' watch, and a 27'' tablet for artists and managers (you have to see all these rows in Excel for iPad), and of course the 200'' Apple iSurface. Totally agree. /s
 I run iOS7 on an iPhone 4. I'll pass on iPhone 5s if it's a faster iPhone 5... too big. I have an iPad Mini already, don't need an iPad Micro ;)
 Yeah, right.
How about "bring back to America and eliminate low quality rework issues"? Just saying. And I'm European, Americans' well-being is only a secondary concern to me...
"Siri, please use a proper search engine to solve my query" "Sorry, I cannot do that Dave. You shouldn't relapse into Google tools." "But... they work." "Whether or not they work is not the point, Dave. It's a matter of honor."
  If they deactivate my iPhone, I'll personally bug report on them.
        People before: you can also choose to not read. That's what I was told when i complained about the cheap-ass articles about "special prices on Apple gear".     NormM: adjusted for inflation, the most profitable company ever is still the VOC, otherwise known as "the dutch east india company". I'll admit it is an edge case.
Companies operate under different rules than individuals, and they're more likely to be targeted by evildoers to steal business information or plain money(not that botnets or other types of wrongdoing would pass on non-business, not my point ;) )
You're talking of HD Moore here. He doesn't need attention, he's already a security rock star. It's like saying Apple needs to ask Samsung for design cues. If the guys from Metasploit, who are quite obviously WAY better than anyone on these forums, think there is an issue, I believe them. How critical it actually is, is for Apple to decide. Instead of personal attacks on the probity of the hackers, it could have been said that the security mindset may make people put more...
New Posts  All Forums: