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Same issue here. Irritating.
Fanboy article, even the title is ridiculously smug. Not to mention the "loook, looook, it's horribly inaccurate!" "What?" " The treeeeeees, they look ugly". Yeah, right. Going to say it again: no clue about you Americans, but here, Apple Maps is useless, Google Maps works pretty well (not perfectly, but what is?). DED again makes himself look silly.
And since users have their iPad already, what's the point?
Don't the US allow for "selective use of quotes for educative purposes"? "Fair use" etc? Seems to me they're "educating" the world about what their tablet can do the iPad cannot do... /s
I think it's a pretty good ad in the same line as "I'm a PC, I'm a Mac"... 1 for Microsoft's advertisement department. Sadly for Microsoft, I buy on the product, not the ad. That means I'll keep iPads.
"short -sighted" is a way to put it.   Another explanation might be given by an example or two. Did you know that in America, the President of microsoft, the very competent and extremely rich Steve Ballmer has spent tremendous efforts into making sure that very low taxes on the rich stayed a reality, even with the huge debt of the United States, instead of spending all his time helping Microsoft stay/become relevant in the phone/tablet market? Were you aware that in...
@maestro64: as the EU should. It is, after all, an European (which means, if countries aren't european, they aren't part of it...) ECONOMIC Union, way, way before being somehow a political entity. As for the reason for that economic entity, World War 2, World War 1, and the 1871 war come to mind... It's not like the United States of America (an Union of States which are all on the northern American continent, you might have heard of the place) doesn't use/abuse their own...
@satorical: thanks for that explanation. My contempt for Gartner is quite high... but who can blame people whose companies are bought to suddenly be working for one they never chose ^^
Whoah, America again being self-righteous prudes? Really, you'd believe it's 1613...
I only need twice the "hard disk". Graphics are good enough for me, processor's amazingly fast, but I'm battling the 4GB free limit...
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