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I was just thinking that "Prior to my visit to Switzerland (where I captured the above 240fps Slomo on an iPhone 6 Plus), I visited London to observe the Apple Watch launch in that country." felt very much like "tax deduction justification live action".
I have to say, the Swiss sure know how to make impressive "Apps".
I think it works OK, but it's pretty useless. Half of the responses are "Of course, man, just pull your phone out since I'm busy smoking weed" (or something along these lines).  Also, this "throw you to handoff" is quite annoying, because it seems to conflict with touch-to-unlock which always sends me to the HomeScreen, or maybe I am doing it wrong...
That's why I still read the paper version of the IHT, the FT, Le Monde, Les Echos, and generally every newspaper that can't compete on speed with the Web and has to offer something more than "first to report"...
I appreciate when someone else makes the well-deserved name-calling. Prevents me from getting banned while still providing satisfaction :p
Yesterday, Apple's health app on the Apple watch restarted it. I've also seen the iPhone and iPad reboot on some third party apps crashing (fast reboot, btw, less than 5 seconds, not complete reboot, but still shows the Apple logo).I'm still wondering what is really going on, because it feels like some security feature that kicks in after a "dramatic os event". I'd bt on the UI layer crashing, being detected as frozen and restarted, like you can restart Finder (or even the...
Note from Europe: seen from here, Americans are pretty much all "right winger's". It seems the leftist part of American politics stands somewhere between our extreme-right and the right of our moderates, though it's probably impossible to map politics point-to-point an ocean apart ^^
"Ever since Continuity features brought cross-platform compatibility in iOS 8 and Yosemite, it seems that an unnecessary number of devices alert us to every phone call and iMessage. Noises come from our iMac, iPhone and iPad, all at the same time." Hell, yes. This is my main grip with Apple, given the 12 Apple devices in the room... My sister sends a series of Skype messages to my gf and I in a group chat? Horror. It also makes the Watch beep And if it was only Skype,...
Oh, I guess it makes sense... Thanks for explaining :)
Wow, there are people who actually think the milanese is not "proper"? I like mine (appearance wise, at least).
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