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 I can envision technical solutions to solve the problem I outlined, at least. Yours, apart from using a wandering robot, which requires much higher technology, is pretty much impossible to solve without human intervention. Then again, people couldn't understand the iPad or iPhone's possibilities a few years ago, so you can't be faulted for thinking the old "ain't gonna happen". Not everyone can "think different" ;)
Besides, this is a business you're talking of, not a country or a religion. Loyalty to a business? Strange concept.
The word "native".
@feynman : Sketch is not bad for now, still ahs a way to go, but the team is pretty friendly and working hard. I like their tool ^^
Sounds like many people here are pretty jealous or aggressive. This guy got a great job, he probably will help create somethign really cool, and I don't see why it should hurt Apple that Samsung starts making great products at last... I would like to have a coffee machien that starts automatically when I get in the shower, and a bread-cooker-thing that gets my bread ready in time for me to eat it... and that kind of stuff. Done right, it could be controlled from my iPad.
I agree with philboogie... but then again, I'd like to flyaround in a hamster-propelled zeppelin, and I'm not exactly an authority on cars.
I am no shareholder of them, but I think they're right there... The patents have a massive value (ask Apple... they know). This value is not going away in the few months that are coming, so the stakeholders should definitely try one more tie... and sell the patents after that if they fail. Now again, some here would say that it's not worth trying. They oviously should also sell Apple, since one day, Apple will day, so why try
Well, interesting and balanced article. That's cool!
The growth percentage, rounded out to a thousandth of percent, for shares of the market of less than 5%? Seriously? Just say "around 3 times higher than 2012". "up 346.3 percent from 2012" is utterly ridiculous!
I remember seeing that ugly-suit guy on stage with Steve and thinking I did not trust these guys ^^'
New Posts  All Forums: