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Well, that's one convincing argument, for sure :)
TBH, this is not sufficient to get any insight, since it's not relative to population size. Even data per 1 000 000 users would already be insufficient, given the lack of information on the age of installations, for example. A very secure system that hasn't been properly maintained in years might be more likely to cause a fire than a less secure system that is brand new, due to ageing of materials, dust, etc.
For the benefit of Americans, our misguided cousins on the other side of the channel drive on the wrong side of the road, use a measuring system that's incompatible with the international, French-made one, and don't use the safest electrical plug in the world, which is French, of course.Just wanted to clear this up.
I feel sad for the developers who want it dead, but have to keep patching the codebase because Upper Management decided to keep it alive. Also, your mo... no, nothing.
@freerange Checking the last two patents reported by AppleInsider, which in all honesty sound totally "obvious answer to simple problem" to me, and therefore unworthy of a patent under the US patent system (theoretically....), I'd say that the problem is that huge companies like Apple can easily take small companies like Racz's out of the market by simply out-patenting them, and once having effectively driven the company out of business, prevent the inventor from...
Talking of "misplaced trusted devices", I've had a bad surprise with Blizzard. I had an authenticator thing installed on my previous iPhone, and when I upgraded I just made the usual "install iPhone as previous iPhone". Well, guess what.... The authenticator doesn't carry over. So I end up locked out of my Blizzard account, because "trusted device" actually means "physical trusted device".Apple gives you bad reflexes, expecting things to "just work" :p
This is useless to me, but I can't deny it is cool. Apple designers are awesome!
That's only part of the picture. Either you watch too much right-wing news reports, or you are being dishonest here. Creditors had taken several engagements they did not hold to, forcing Tsipras' hand. Not to mention that German politicians like Schaübler are pushing too hard, which is concerning since they were the main cause of the austerity practices that killed the Greek economy in 2009. This crisis is political, the causes are political at heart, and in the end people...
The Greeks were screwed by a combination of facts. - First, their leaders reporting incorrect numbers, either by guile or incompetence.- Second, American banks "helping" them out with creative accounting and advanced baking techniques, among which derivatives.- Third, Germany and France using the exact same practices, and being therefore very unmotivated to call their Greek colleagues out on that.- Fourth, "austerity" practices imposed by the anglo-saxon world (e.g.,...
I doubt 16GB is there to stay long, now. Just photos and mails are such space hogs that it makes sense for most people to have at least 32GB, and preferably double that.I'd guess iPhone 8, though Apple has done nice trimming to app size and OS size lately, which saves space, so it might be another year later.Anyway, unless you're a fly sitting on Johnny Ives's ceiling, it's guesswork, fortune-telling and "Apple-analysis"
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