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They both look like people you could have a beer with...
Is it just me that thinks that monetizing users (who already pay for their hardware... and they're not exactly inexpensive) or developers (who're there to make money, not to make Apple richer) sounds like a Google idea?
"If brain was simple enough that we could understand it, then we would be too simple to investigate it"   Love that quote.
Then, my apologies for misunderstanding.
Well, it was not Apple, it was Comixology, but there is one huge difference Suddenly Newton... Apple is not in the business of selling commodities that can be offered as-is in any other store. They sell specifically tailored, beautifully crafted mind creations (or else, they are done wrong). If the product doesn't get on the Store, it will not be sold anywhere else. It makes it a very different case, in my opinion, than "selling a brand of tuna cans".
Oh, nice "spot" roll here ^^ I love the term.
Says the guy that's put Android users in prison, as he stated...
Hey, nice update here AppleInsider. Good reactivity. Also, pleased to see that Apple's not to blame, and pleased to see a publisher that make amends as they should. Now, if Apple would adress the definition of "obscene" with the US Senate? Please?
From a purely logical perspective, I have to point out that the former leader of the very homophobic Nazi Party of Austria was gay. But that's really to nitpick on logics.     And because life's always bigger than stories.
He's already stated to be a gun-rights activist, an anti-abortionist, that anything that puts workers rights above Apple's profits is wrong...   While it's only my opinion, I don't think he's a real person. Then again...
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