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That's called a Thunderbolt Display. Also, on Apple's site it's presented as connected to a MacBook Air. Go figure.
Yeah, I love mine. 27 inches screen connected to it for gaming and programming (and Photoshop work), runs EvE and Deus Ex 3 without breaking a sweat (and Civilization IV and V, which do take a bit of power). Also runs Offspring Fling!, but I think anything runs Offspring Fling! :p
I strongly doubt anyone ever said the tech industry "illegaly avoids paying taxes". Like huge banks and the oil industry, the tech industry stays in the boundraries of the law and pays "every dollar they owe, as calculated by very expensive accountants and tax lawyers". Just like the "we'll never do a cheap iPhone" of Tim Cook, which never meant they won't do a cheaper iPhone but just that they won't do a crap-iPhone, this comment means nothing. "We're doin' it legal"....
F*** it, the email seems super clear to me. There were two price points that could work, and only one that Apple was willing to work with. Is the DOJ that stupid in the USA? Or does it work for Amazon? Department of Amazon Justice?
Siri just sucks, let's be honest. I've tried to use it many times. It's not usable to me. I might be asking for too much, or the non-US version is subpar compared to the US version, I have no clue. What I know is I just don't use it whatsoever, it fucks up 90% of times. Worst is the fact my colleague's "Google Now" (I think?) thingie on his phone works almost perfect. Why!?
Clones and compatibility are two different matters. Microsoft's in the business of not being compatible, even with itself.
Get an iPhone, protect it well.
Worse, it actually makes sense for big companies to take tools like Gimp and retool them. What's hiring five guys for development/maintenance of your tools if you have 200 graphists, each paying 50$ a month? It's "equivalent". Except afterwards, you own the result, and during development, you have control.
@flaneur or he was not wrong, just a tiny itsy bit manipulative?
Wonder why nobody's yet said "eeek, ugly evil bad Koreans"
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