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DED article,irrelevant. "However, the chips used by most smartphones and other mobile devices don't support WebM, making it much less efficient to present on any mobile device, as the devices must do all the decoding work in software." only really good sentence here. It says "Apple's smartphones, the milestone setters in this industry with virtually no competitors, have killed Google's effort to establish a good software replacement for H264". Two notes: I don't...
Enlighten me. Why should Apple waste investor money paying people to raise their stock value instead of making/selling great hardware/software?
Well, there is a "business" that knows how to permanently shut people up without any use of lawyers. Might not be quite legal though.
My feeling is "investor" should not be used for hedge funds. They're not "investing" in a company, they're temporarily leasing those shares.
The point is, if YOU say it, nobody cares*. If HE says it, Einhorn can go f... himself.     *Not said in an unfriendly way, just from a standard stockholder perspective, you're nobody to them, he is a God of Stock.
My hero
He's so sexy, I have to tell the truth. Not the computer.
It's also one of the most reliable information storage technologies that exist (not as reliable as microfilms, but quite good). As far as I know, nobody thinks of killing that old invention from the 19th century "electricity", or the bicycle, or the diesel engine, or even nuclear reactors.  
Wait wait, so "fucking" is allowed, but "f-u-c-k" is a sequence of letters that is banned? Ai, logical thinking please.   Also, f-u-c-k is not allowed, but "gun", or "murder", or "God" is allowed. This really will always shock me, that some people may consider a good and natural act as offensive, but absurd beliefs such as "Jesus came to save us all" isn't offensive, or "people should have a right to carry guns" is not offensive.   Why is even banning "f-u-c-k"...
Don't forget than when ODF was standardized, Microsoft had another (DOCX) system 'standardized' in very debatable conditions. Now, that was an interesting definition of "using standards".
New Posts  All Forums: