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Well, sorry for being acid. I just want to say that in our exceedingly connected economy, we can't just respond to court enquiries with random tax agression, with the risk of hurting our own economies, and even more that companies can't "abandon" countries such as France (one of the biggest Apple customers) or Italy (one of the big fashion-setters, with Milan's economy being much stronger than the South of Italy).
I live in the Netherlands (check double dutch, if you don't get it). Ireland is a tax haven, like Swiss, Man, Luxembourg, the NL, Monaco.Most of the economy of Ireland is based on the fact it is a tax haven.As to "Italy has no case", well, why aren't you willing to wait for the court to decide that? Do you believe that courts aren't a good way to settle issues? Should, maybe, Tim Cook go in an arena and box with an Italian champion of the courts? Or maybe a duel to the...
Not true: Apple's AppleCare is a much better deal than the two year warranty, but they do serve that if "reminded" of the law.  And by experience, they sometimes behave much better than other big names of the computing industry. On my "Gold" list of good service: Freecom (germans), Dell (americans), Apple with AppleCare.
One: it's "Ferrari".Two: if you mean: "the total price of sales in US shops", it would make sense, apart from the same fact I outlined earlier that the rule is pretty broken right now, and that plays the same way for Ferrari. Besides, Ferrari and Chrysler both belong to Fiat, you know... hence it's far from obvious whether it would or not be wise to attack Ferrari for the US. I expect that Fiat might be forced to close plants in America, causing massive damage to the...
@adsdad: actually, the way companies can avoid paying taxes by hiding in tax havens, such as Ireland, is the real joke. While I sadly agree with you Italy is probably doing this in a... let's say not-so-clearly-honest way, the fact three european countries now question the system's failures, not only for US-based Apple but also European oil companies and Telcos surely is a sign that it's not exclusively Apple-hate. I also understand that stockholders have a vested...
 I can envision technical solutions to solve the problem I outlined, at least. Yours, apart from using a wandering robot, which requires much higher technology, is pretty much impossible to solve without human intervention. Then again, people couldn't understand the iPad or iPhone's possibilities a few years ago, so you can't be faulted for thinking the old "ain't gonna happen". Not everyone can "think different" ;)
Besides, this is a business you're talking of, not a country or a religion. Loyalty to a business? Strange concept.
The word "native".
@feynman : Sketch is not bad for now, still ahs a way to go, but the team is pretty friendly and working hard. I like their tool ^^
Sounds like many people here are pretty jealous or aggressive. This guy got a great job, he probably will help create somethign really cool, and I don't see why it should hurt Apple that Samsung starts making great products at last... I would like to have a coffee machien that starts automatically when I get in the shower, and a bread-cooker-thing that gets my bread ready in time for me to eat it... and that kind of stuff. Done right, it could be controlled from my iPad.
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