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But it's still a guess. Given a choice between Windows being insufficiently good and TS having bad memory, I'd guess on the former... Let's start a guess club. We could even have merchandise, like I don't know, Guess belts, Guess tshirts...
I have an idea... Ballmer could help Apple deal with the DOJ :p
Looks like USA politics are as fucked up as anywhere else ^^ I hope Apple wins still.
I found a few errors in GMaps... Not as annoying as Apple Maps' still are. I would trust GMaps in a country I never went to. Apple Maps, not yet.
Plase, jragosta... add "in the USA". For most users, which means "in the world", which means "not limited to the USA", Apple Maps is like Siri. Not yet usable.   I don't doubt Apple will make it excellent, and we can see improvements regularly, but it's far from 'as good as google".
If Siri was first updated to actually work more than 20% of the time? Or maybe even to allow you to use Apple's own apps correctly (try changing the time of an appointment without siri making the new time become the location... yeah right, or choose the correct place to put a reminder among several lists instead of "the list by default"). It might then be more "cocky funny" than "just lame cocky".
What's the problem with being smug? It's fun, and won't hurt as much as a cigarette.
I know I'm going to be flamed, but these things are horrible. Either they're plain fakes, Apple's very own and successful маскировка, or Apple is throwing down the drain decades of great engineering and design to cater to "the chinese market" in a very Samsung way. I cannot believe the latter.
I think it looks slightly better in black - gold, but if I had to design one with gold, I'd use rose gold/yellow gold as a contrast, which I guess is your point, right?
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