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/me releases Firefox clone with "Unknown Browser" identifier to muddy up stats.
Bad mood today?
Delusional? That guy who was CIO of a bankrupted company, then CEO of a company that got bought out, then Head of the Division that pushed out Microsoft "Ribbon" Office? Impossible.
I'm French in the NL, and my apps download from the French app store. I'd say, it's based on your settings, since I don't get redirected to the Dutch Store if I switch to Dutch.
This is confirmed by my experience. Latest exemple: A friend just told me her Mom loves her GS3.   I have a GS3 and an iPhone. GS3 *sucks*. However, it seems her mom uses the GS3 to phone, SMS, check FB... and sometimes mail. End of usage.   iPhone users are spoilt in that it works so well, you do more with it.
They're not dead, after that? Then again, FaceBook is still alive. Not using any of them, I have to say.
Please add URLs when you quote obscure people...
And they'll find out it is. Even if the cheaper customers don't, it will just make the iPhone keep its elite status instead of becoming everyone's phone, allowing Apple to sell it at higher prices than the razor thin margin prices of the competition.
What is a wind zone???
I find it funny as hell. Too bad I don't buy phones based on how funny ads are.
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