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He's already stated to be a gun-rights activist, an anti-abortionist, that anything that puts workers rights above Apple's profits is wrong...   While it's only my opinion, I don't think he's a real person. Then again...
It's partly due to the tight control they exert... Woes of being in control :p
Also, San francisco has too many Apple Stores :p
"All" seems a very bad idea. "Infringing on people's rights/wellbeing" is key here. The FBI has a few words to say about "all".
Even if a customer complained about t, it doesn't make it right to pull it. I agree we do need more information, but if the reason is as explained that there is gay sex, when non-gay sex is ok, then its clearly unfair and homophobic. And on top of it, see my rant, it's not a XXIst century decision.
@quadra60: I still believe that this, in particular, should be burnt down by the top US court... just as the ban on TV showing nipples.   The very idea that nipples are obscene is obscene to me. Political men arguing for months when billions that governments actually don't have (think US, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece... ) get spent every day... that's obscene. Trillions being put in wars and weapons (making some companies very, very profitable in the...
@charlituna So gay sex is more obscene that ungay sex? That line of reasoning is bizarre, I'd even go sofar as to say it's queer thinking.
I speak a lot and I'm at the front.   You have one more  wish left.     You want to rollback that wish? OK. You have no more wishes left. Thanks for using United Genies of the Internet's services!
Are you being sarcastic? Replace the oldest product with the latest one? Imho, they should decrease the Mini's price again, not by much (20 or 30 euros?), sell a Mini Retina for 30% profit, as they've always shown to try to do, or maybe even more (it's the high end one, they have higher profit margins on high-end machines), discontinue the iPad 2 which is kind of old now, and sell the 4 and 5 at the rpice points, respectively, of 2 and 4...   Then again, I'm not out of...
My MBA is my favorite product, I don't use the company Mini I lug around that much, but I do use my iPhone 4 a lot. One thing I distate is Siri on the Mini. It's stupid as hell (Editing a note? Nope. Creating a note, maybe, but randomly the results are horrible. Multi lingual? Not a chance in hell, even though I work in four languages, which is the case of most of my entourage... Hey Apple, it's 2013, world's globalized)
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