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Hey hey there, don't drag us into your argument with the Chinese ^^
  Your explanation is technically sound and very clear, but it clearly says what we also say: data is NOT fully anonymized, and it's unclear how it could ever be, since it's not random words, but series of words forming sentences useful to you, in particular.   I like Dragon, and I'd rather have such an offline Siri...
I rarely disagree with the EU, but to my stupid eye, this is helping Amazon, an already huge monster without shame...
Bullshit. The number is not associated with an Apple ID, email address, or anything else that could be easily personally identifiable. However, if a user turns off Siri on their device, their randomized identifier is deleted, along with any data associated with it, since the device is not easily personnaly identifiable because it definitely doesn't have a UID, totally not.
It's a stupid way to put things. Chinese culture favors the copying of successful ways, and that's a perfectly reasonnable philosophy. It also favors strength and courage.   Let me remind you that in America, there is no real social welfare, or serious public health system. Why? Because people in America believe in egoism, and that if you fail it's your own fault. Europeans might find that a clear sign of having no conscience.   Don't compare other cultures with a given,...
Uh? If the stock market thinks like you do, screw the stock market.   Actually, why the hell doesn't Apple do as Dell does, go private? The stock market is useless anyway.           When Apple's ready, Apple will release "anything". If shares are dropping because Apple doesn't release a Zune "nearly five months into 2013", well, the stock market mistakenly thought APPL was MSFT. Sad story.
I'd rather they offer a program for replacement of the defective DVD readers in the iMac of 2009... but that's because I'm among the many whose reader died ^^
Should it even matter anyway?    France helped the US because it was the right thing to do, and it actually annoyed England (never a thing to be turned down for the French). The US helped Europe because it was the right thing to do, and because Japan attacked them, which brought America in a frontal war with the Axis.   What matters is that, in the end, Americans, French, or even Russians and Germans that were the enemy (Russia changed sides... when Germany invaded them),...
Well, if studying the subject cannot alter your preconception, I guess you're right. Don't waste your time ^^
Disagree. Women make the same kind of comments about me hot guys. It just indicates that sexuality is a basis of human relationships, and I'm happy with that ^^
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