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AAAAAAAND that's why I said yesterday that "Apple has cash for 20 years of operation" willnever survive the reality of analysts/'investors'...
Yes I know, but isn't the best time to be free from outside influence the time where you rock, rather than when you're dying anyway? No pressure to launch a cheap iPhone, an iWatch, an iTV, an iWhatever, just what you THINK you should make?
Thanks. If they are helpless, they need help.   You seem to misunderstand me. It's not a bug. It's, like a bug, worthy of a complaint. So I complain. It's my right, and I use it. You find it ridiculous, you complain about it. It's your right, and you use it. I love you too.
Yeah. It's also quite irritating as their leadership, because they don't need to be bored to still make their own tools. "It's much more efficient", "There is no better way", "I can't learn every API in the world so I need my own library/language".    Then again, there are worse situations. Artists.
Apart that shareholder-thieves (like some we all know names of, from reading Ai) will demand that this cash is given to them. That suddenly makes it way less than 20 years.     Anyway, I never understood why, in America, companies go private when they get in trouble, instead of when they get the money to do so and operate fine. Seems that insulating yourself from the whims of the market is strategically essential, if I look at other big companies such as Yahoo...   Then...
The God you're referring to is a very bad example.   Not like he's the only God around, after all.
Correct about "I know what it's gonna be".  Wrong about "stop your complaining". Also, you should probably think about your machistic cliches. What's wrong with your view of women? 
Complaining usually is more efficient than staying silent. I'm sure you don't throw your Mac away and buy a DELL anytime you have a bug, rather than file a bug report, right?
@Arlor: it seems to be a philosophical question here.  America tends to emphasize individuals over communities. In this view, a being that is a visionary on levels far beyond others is possible. Typical of that is Time's Person of the Year. Other cultures see the flow of time as less attached to individual performance. In their view, Steve Jobs is a bright individual who was at the right time, in the right place, with the right advisors and great charisma.    Why...
New Posts  All Forums: