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@Tallest Skil: no, I think it's just an irritating bug. Might just be me doing something idiotic that I did not do before, or Safari... No clue ^^   @Suddenly Newton: I believe that my explanation is what you meant, if I missed something or got it wrong, do elaborate ^^   @KDarling: Logical, but over thousands of devs and apps, it starts being a fortune   @Denobin: Friends like you, I can do without. I'm pretty sure there are lots of more valuable people on...
@denobin Oh, heavy price to pay for forgetting the /s tag. Sensitive much? Or maybe unhappy to find out you can't just spout out nasty crap without being called out on it? Hard life, heh? You know what, I'll go back to my mountain of extrement. Enjoy writing self-styled gold nuggets for Lodsys.   Besides, my answer wasn't even that aggressive... so it can hardly be anything else than the truth that hurts you. Internet is a cold and unforgiving place ;)
Anyway, I typed once already:   @13-posts-Denobin-not-working-for-Lodsys-whatsoever: No, it's not classy. It's despicable.   By using charity, Lodsys attempts to both gain moral high ground and increase the amount of settlements, thus claiming their portfolio is "licensed to over 200 companies". They're artificially inflating the worth of their worthless claims.   I need to sue you for wasting my time, but I'll settle if you will give a reasonable donation...
WTF Appleinsider. Last weeks have lost me countless posts. What the **** changed?
@tallest skill: My MBA (updated four times now) begs to disagree (it also wants to gag you, throw you in a dungeon to be eaten by ghouls and various stuff, but worry not, I unplugged it from power and restrained it until it calms down) @jakeb: I've had limited success with iPad programming on servers via iSSH, and I'm confident the new Pro should be a good way to run XCode from a beanbag (no, actually, not... XCode requires screen real estate).
Woot, a DED balanced piece? You ill, Daniel?
Anyway, I already hate the aluminum iPhone. Steel, I trust. Plastic and aluminum, no thanks. I hope the next iPhone design (6) uses a non-scratchable material, because my 4 is getting long-in-the-tooth.
C can stand for Crap
@gwmac :or they might actually start doing some R&D?
"We don't know, exactly, how Apple can realistically meet Cook's goals," he said. OK, so this is actually an article about the fact that some guy has no clue how Apple's CEO would succeed in making Apple work out Apple's CEO's goals. AppleInsider, here is a primer for you: if that guy, or you, or me, had any clue about that, we'd be the ones in charge and making 60 Billion dollars for our company.
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