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As Apple guidelines invite developers to...
Not sure who Dewey is, but I know Linnaeus...
Someone made $$$$$.  
  I'll take the 10% of China anyday. 130M clients, sounds good to me.
I sort of disagree, it does depend on: - how much you pay per order (flat fee) - what percentage you pay per order   If you pay 2% per order (sell or buy), you need a 4+% increase just to be even. If you pay 500$ per order (flat fee), and your stock costs 500$ and increases by one percent, you need to sell 100 of them just to be even.   In real life, it's often a mix of flat-fee+percentage, notwithstanding tax.
Or just invest in copper wire makers. Or steel. Or water companies. Those will keep making money for along while.
Gorilla Glass isn't designed to stop cars... or they'd do glass luxury cars :p
Aren't we always someone else's fool?
Perfectly logical thinking. /s
That's frightening...
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