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We have, and follow, laws on IP. IP is not the problem. Actually, the USA have been stealing considerable amounts of IP through creative buyout tactics (and worse, such as e-war), which basically means that you don't necessarily need to break the law. You can sidestep it or even have someone else break it for you, and reap the rewards. Read EU reports if you're interested, it's fascinating.   France, however, has taxes, labor laws and social factors that heavily favor big...
Under which assumptions? Playing Civ 5 or EVE gets it down to 1h to 1.5h, not nearly 7h. Watching Flash videos gives me 2.5hours on average. Using Pages gives me close to 5, with standard lighting. I only get 7 hours if running pretty much nothing, with screen at minimal power, and backlit keyboard/wifi turned off, such as on USB'ed-ethernet (which is anyway a good case for being plugged in power).
Linux is hard. OS X is easy but expensive. Windows is easy and cheap. Linux is great and powerful. OS X is very good and quite powerful. Windows is.   From that matrix, you can conclude that most people prefer easy and cheap over powerful and great, on a ratio of 1 to 6 for each increment.    
Quite brilliant, nice price, but I don't need it
I'm French, and I have to say, like Apple, hire French guys in the USA (or Canada). Not in France, unless you're a megacorp.
Should be titled "Rumor: New Mac Pro might be headed to France in Spring"
@darkpaw A kid under 15 is not legally bound by tapping OK. The responsibility stays Apple's, or possibly the parents for not supervising the operation of the device, depending on the country. Just so you know. Apart from that, I still find it absurd that you can't get porn, but you can get blood and gore. That civilization is broken.
Not true. Nexus 7 has a much better screen than iPad Mini.    Mini is compromised for purely financial reasons. I don't care, I'll get iPad Mini Retina for my girlfriend when it comes out ^^'
Battery life on SP is a killer, in my opinion, for anyone who needs to use a tablet. It's not a "fixed-laptop" as so many are, so that close-by power supply is not as readily available as for a "fixed-laptop". As for Mossberg's arguments, A- Non-touch programs don't run well on the touch interface. Okaaaaay. Predictable, my dear. I remember quite a few apps vetted by Apple that utterly sucked due to being heavy-handedly translated from non-touch to touch, especially...
New Posts  All Forums: